Monday, January 26, 2015

I never get bored

I never get bored. Just now I was playing with beans in my kitchen trying to figure out what to make with some for tomorrow, black bean soup with chicken? Is frozen chicken from March 2014 still good? Can someone tell me if I am taking my life in my hands to defrost this tonight, boil them, take off the meat and make black bean and chicken soup? I have a hot pepper somewhere in my fridge. There is always something to be blogged about or read, or done. My problem is not enough energy to do everything I want to do. I'm even wanting to go study 18th century Scotland from reading the Outlander series. When people complain of boredom to me, I don't understand it. 


  1. My husband says yes the chicken would still be good. You can make the soup or anything you want from it. It is safe. I always trust him on this stuff.

    I never get bored either. I researched the Tudor times last night. I learned some things. I quilt too. We are having cabbage rolls tonight.

    1. I am glad about the chicken. :) Yes I will use it definitely

      I am glad you never get bored either. Tudor times are cool too, and I have read books about England at that time. Cabbage rolls are tasty, I used to make a recipe with nappa cabbage in a crock pot but it's been a long time. I wish one could buy cabbage rolls at a restaurant. :p I add cinnamon to the rice and meat and other spices in my cabbage rolls.