Monday, January 26, 2015

Hanging Out

Technology in some ways is separating us more. I have this odd rule, though I may try for an Obama phone still for safety reasons on the bus, I do not want contact with the Internet when I am out and about. Some of this is the naturalist in me, I want to pay attention to nature, not wait for another email.


  1. This is a great observation. Laughed at the generation comparison, especially the 80's hair:-). I grew up in the 80's in a row home, and siting on our front stoop in the summers were the norm along with playing hide and seek, Freedom with all the neighborhood kids, and going to the local parish carnivals. Such fun, innocent memories.

    Today, I refuse to get a Facebook account. Facebook is just creepy, and I think makes our culture more narcissistic along with Twitter, Instagram and the like. I live in NYC, and a lot of people have those narcissticks - sticks that carry their iPhones for the perfect selfies. People are obsessed with selfies.

    I can't even relate to most people today, and I'm all but 40. I miss the 90's!

    1. Yeah that 80s hairs, but I miss the outfits and their color and variety. I wish I could have one of those ruffled shirts and prairie skirts again. Glad you had fond memories of being in a rowhome. I remember fun times with my few friends too, and being in the woods and park.

      I am on Facebook but understand your concerns about it. I notice I use FB differently and so do most of my friends but a lot or most people are there to show off. I think the selfie thing everyone is busy trying to sell themselves or something.

      Understand not relating to people;. I know I have hit that area of old age, where you no longer understand the world and it has moved beyond you. :0

  2. I just have to say it. That 80's picture is scary. That was the time I grew up and I didn't fit in, I was weird and yeah all that. lol

    I actually like the second one. Seems to me I would fit in very well right now.

  3. LOL I didn't fit in either. I had single friends to hang out with in junior high--up to 1982 but I sometimes forget many of the years in the mid 1980s I had no friends until college in 1987. The internet is a mecca for the Aspie brain. I think I have to keep myself from the Internet on purpose away from home. :P