Friday, January 22, 2016

Bad Luck Over and Over or Sabotaged?

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Something I have wondered about.

My husband worked his butt off at his jobs for years, newspaper jobs, the evidence for the work is right in front of one's face.

I thought about all the multiple job lay-offs and us being slammed financially to the ground. I used to think it was just a lot of bad breaks, but sometimes you wonder. Most people with his level of education can at least find some type of worthwhile employment.

It always makes me wonder if something happened behind the scenes to ruin his career. I hope no one thinks I am paranoid asking this question.

Queen Spider wanted me under the highway overpass and probably did everything in her power to make it happen. I still remember when he was told he was not being hired for a good government job in 2006 and that he had missed passing the interview, by 1.5 points. He passed the written test.


  1. Its sad how our parents want us all effed up and starving to death even. I remember my mother telling me that I was not long for this world. Working, having a job, and relationships are all hard for me.

    Its all about the money in today's world. Perhaps your husband couldn't fit in for he despised the workings of this world and they knew it so kept him out. All he wants to do is earn a steady living and not play dirty. So he doesn't fit the modern world.

  2. My mother has gloried in my failures. They gloried in Aunt Scapegoats, I have noticed they almost seem to have glee in her latest tale of woe. It creeps me the hell out. They creep me out. Why does Aunt Scapegoat tell them every time she farts sideways or needs a procedure, all they do is freaking gloat. She made my life WORSE. I kept my mouth shut, about my health problems. Hell when I had sepsis three times, and almost died, one time with my leg rotting off in Chicago for three weeks in the hospital, I never told those jerks.

    The narc parents love to see us fail. Mine got extreme pleasure hearing of any of my sufferings and then putting me down for them. Disability checks are not worth anything anymore, they are destroying disability but via the backdoor. [with no COLA increases] We don't know how to make money. We are bad at it, but then the prices are so high the money they want to pay people for anything is one joke.

    My husband didn't play the game. I sucked at playing the game too when working. I almost lost jobs over having a conscience and wouldn't sell out. He didn't want to play dirty. They have made us pay and then some. People with consciences in our cut-throat job market don't do that well. Also if you are a little different, a little Aspie, a little creative, they want you out the door, they do some BS like telling you "you're not a good fit". Now they can fire everyone whenever they feel like it, it's easy to do. They have destroyed unions.

    I'd drop out completely if I had the health to. I'm tired of all these bills I can't pay. There seems no meaning to it. Part of me doesn't care anymore but another part knows I have to keep a roof over my head at least to survive.

  3. I got that "not a good fit" every single time too. And actually, it is true, I didn't fit. I went to work to work, not play the game. They are screwing with everything.

  4. health and threatened an employer with a lawsuit if I was fired because they knew I was sick, and got more time but had to take the demotion to night shift. [this was a blue state that still had some worker rights rules I am sure have been taken over the last 20 years.] I wish someone would form a group to end the abusive work practices that have become the "norm". I am disabled but tired of seeing the lives destroyed on a whim. I and my husband the other day went to the Facebook page of the last place that threw him out for "not being a good fit". I suspect my being disabled was one of the main reasons since he got a good review in Dec and was thrown out in Jan, right as I went on the supplemental insurance.

    However looking at the work culture, at this advertising agency, it look like Narcissist land. Of course he has not worked there in 8 years but I though they would have thrown me out too. I went to their Facebook page and I noticed they were made to have these stupid team work contests and made to dress up like children in costumes. One man was wearing a baby's outfit and two wore dresses, "all in good fun" yeah right the look was of humiliation in the eyes. It was like "forced fun". Yeah the workplaces are still run like Gulags but now they have the serfs dress up in funny outfits and they get some bean dip once in a while so they can claim they are hip bosses. Yes they are screwing everything up.

  5. I don't think most employers like intelligent employees. Even if they have asked for umpteen degrees and diplomas,they still want you to talk and think like a grade eight dropout. You should be able to do the job, more or less, but not too brilliantly, but no more. I learned never to mention a book at work, never to indicate I like books, and to limit my vocabulary and talk rather literally. You'd think I was working in a factory but I was in offices, even some dental offices.

    It took me a long time to figure it out, but my mother prefers me to fail too and ignores my successes.

    1. I think you are right. The degrees and diplomas are more paper work now to prove conformity then actually knowing anything anymore. The price of admission and weeding out processes. It's true they don't want someone who is too smart who may "threaten" their position or know more then they do. I got in trouble at more then one job. My husband had one boss who was pissed off beyond belief when he found out he got a book published. That guy couldn't wait to fire him then. He googled him and found out about the book back then. Yeah so make sure you don't present yourself as a reader. I hid my college degree to get a job at Arbys and the factory temp work to survive. Yeah they want you dumbed down at offices too. Intellectuals need not apply. The muck is rising to the top nowadays. Yes its horrible to deal with someone who wants you to fail.