Friday, January 29, 2016

"How Mutton Flaps are Killing Tonga"

How Mutton Flaps are Killing Tongas

This is one of the weirdest article titles I've ever seen before.

Eat too much mutton [older lamb] and gain weight? It sounds like it is the fattiest cut. We all know food more and more is priced according to how healthy or unhealthy it is with the healthiest food being more expensive. They shouldn't complain about people getting fatter when they jack up the prices of food according to how healthy or unhealthy it is.

Lamb and me don't agree, it's kidney stone and illness time if I dare to eat it at all and I haven't in 4 years. I probably could away with a very small piece grilled at a restaurant, but it would have to be cooked properly. The poor Tonga get judged for being fat when obviously the picture is more complicated there too.

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