Sunday, January 3, 2016

Work on Comic Continues


The top panel is from a comic called "Aspie Peep", the second one is a comic of me painting in college.

I spent thirty minutes today putting my 110 comic panels in order. There's still too many holes in the story to be filled.  The story is interesting. It's very outsider art. I'm not sure people will get it but then why not go with it anyhow? It's fun to work on, I need to buy more Bristol board when there is a free dime. There's some details that need added in and other technical issues. I always worry about putting art work out there as you know. I know I have worked on this thing forever. Maybe I will turn it into a "zine".


  1. Your comics look great! Hope you will find ways to fix holes and gaps in your story so you could make zine sometimes this year. <3

    1. Thanks anon, yes I hope I can get it to flow better, it's the organization that can be a challenge. I'm taking out from 20 comic journals, that's a lot. :)

  2. Like your style! This is a story that needs to be told,