Friday, January 1, 2016

Oprah's New Weight Watchers Commercial

How sad is this? We have watched Oprah hate herself for her weight for years, she has remained at a functional mid-sized weight only to lay on the impossible body standards of society on all of us for years. She has failed time and time again to lose weight. A woman with vast wealth, who can afford her own organic chef and any food or exercise program she desires in the world, can't lose weight and keep it off. So we are all still supposed to believe in the dream? Why? Doesn't this prove that weight loss is a failed proposition and more is going on with obesity in this world?

Hasn't she thought "If not now when?", a thousand times? Isn't the definition of insanity doing what doesn't work over and over.  That false hope sure sells doesn't it? Everyone hits the new year and thinks, "Oh now I can be thin and no longer be fat" and it fails and fails time and time again. It's like the entire country is mentally ill from fat and weight loss is a religion of fantastical doctrines, with no evidence. Of course with notables like Oprah pouring her time and energy into failed organizations as far as solving the obesity problem goes, there will be be less money and energy poured into real research and cures. Why couldn't Oprah finance some real obesity research, instead of the company that profits from the insane misery and "repeat business"?

Technically I have kept off a 160lbs-200lbs from my peak weight, for 16 years, it was a medical weight loss, but because I am still circus lady fat it doesn't "count". Diets never worked for me even beyond my extreme issues with lipedema and yes I have to watch portions and the rest not to gain, to stay alive from diabetes and even for my serious mal-nutrition problems. I consider them like fairy tales, Americans believe in! Illusion and delusion live on when it comes to obesity. Oprah has caused a lot of suffering with her support of the obesity matrix. I suppose now she can profit from it too [see below].

Oprah Buys 10 Percent of Weight Watchers Stock


  1. Oooooh, what an awful piece of propaganda, that video is. *Anger* Triggers memories of all the messages growing up that my weight determined my worth, that I would never be loved if I were *fat*, that I was somehow undeserving of anything in life for carrying some extra pounds. What a bunch of bull****.

    Even into my 30's, I would go to church and see overweight couples, married and having children, and wonder why I could not have found the same, myself. Why? Just because my exercise-anorexic narc mother pounded her sneering hate for my body into me, and kept me as cowed and isolated as possible so I would not even try and go out and meet people and have a social life and build a support network outside of her toxic fantasy world?

    Why was I given the message over and over that I was unlovable simply because I was not thin? Just because narc mother bought into the same BS as solemnly presented by the talk-show personality in this advert?

    The idea that you are, somehow, somebody different, somebody *better* beneath any extra fat; that the fat is truly the *enemy* to blame and fight for personal struggle and failings, is a colossal, Satanic lie. Those who buy into that idea fail to ever recognize, or address, the real social, emotional, spiritual, societal issues that underlie overeating, should that be the cause of the extra weight.

    And so these people, those without physiological maladies to explain their extra weight, listen to Oprah, pay WW $$$$, and lose weight only to get lost in and overwhelmed by the reality of their past and present pain. Then, they become overwhelmed by their nebulous hungers, turn back to food to satiate those hungers, to stave off the loneliness and depression and escape feelings of anger and grief associated with life and its losses, and the weight just comes right back on.

    As you said, Peep, such a cycle is sheer insanity.

    Methinks Oprah is pandering to the diet industry's profits simply to stuff her own pocketbook... as if she truly needed to find a way to take anymore money from the poor people who already buy into her all-consuming brand. As if one $14 million Telluride ski chalet were not enough.

    Perhaps, if Oprah were to find the courage to take a step back from her extravagant empire and face her own demons of soul-hunger, she would realize that WW, and stuffing her own pocketbook with WW stocks and profits, will never fill her inner voids to the effect that she can effectively address her weight concerns.

    Once again, an excellent post, Peep.


    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes it is propaganda to the max. I've read on other places online some of the lemmings are loving it.

      It triggered my memories of my weight determining my worth too. Two years before I went NC, Queen Spider and her Mini-Me had some old albums out and I remember seeing myself at age 14 and I was barely fat, a bit plump--[really the early stages of lipedema since it was all bottom weight] and of course PCOS, and remember how much abuse I took then for being "fat" when I wasn't yet clinically obese. It was insane. I believed in high school and college, I was undeserving of so much but when I think back, there were young ladies in my high school who matched my weight or who were even bigger who got married and had children right in their 20s. Their families loved and cared about them. In high school some dated or did other activities. So I understand exactly what you mean here. I went home and cried for thinking I was so ugly at 14 when I was not and even for the time after my 100lb weight gain. I once said to my mother, "Why you'd marry a fat man if you didn't want a fat kid? Are you stupid?" [my father was never as fat as me but hit the mid 200s often enough]

      So sorry you were kept cowed and isolated too. I went through the same process. My mother even had her friends join in on the fat abuse. One next door neighbor told me I'd never have a boyfriend [this around the time I was size 16 and near 6 feet tall] along with her, one in 2001, when I and my husband were staying at her house, with a family friend, told me, "Your mother has always been disgusted by your weight and has every right to be. [By the way this woman herself was in the obese category and diabetic as well]

      I agree fat or not, we could have gone out and developed a social life and meet people. I believe the combination of being an overweight person and having a narcissistic mother is an especially noxious combination. Society especially if you are overweight enough will join in on the abuse, to tell you that you don't matter and you are not good enough. Look that is what Oprah is telling the world.

      Oprah has led the entire world down the Satanic road, with her New Cage nonsense and focus on looks and success above all else. The idea that we as fat woman are "buried under the weight" is another message to isolate and devalue us. It is gaslighting and blaming the victim and yes it is Satanic. Even for people who struggle with overeating there is real physiological effects there and what they are doing to the food. I believe many are becoming fat without an overeating problem even people who don't have endocrine or extreme rare fat disorders like lipedema. I had the thought the other day even bodies are "shaped" different, the endocrine disrupters or what one online acquaintance with lipedema calls the "cortisol slurpees" are changing our entire environment. I posted on this blog how they found out animals and even 6 month year old babies are getting fatter. Oprah won't deal with any of that. She will just push the lies for profit.

      I mean how much more money does that woman need? She has more then she can spend.

      So yes people line up and spend their money and step on the merry go round that leaves them more ill at the finish and just as fat as before. I did Weight Watchers myself back in 2008. It was a waste of time, led me into more malnutrition, by then I was seeming the home physicians who were testing that, and filled me with more depression as I only lost 8lbs in 6 months. They would ironically try and sell us sweet tooth foods that were "low calorie" but I knew would lead me on hunger re-bounds. I couldn't afford all the fees. One leader yelled at me for not trying and "you must not want to lose weight", it was just more abuse.

      I agree I wish Oprah had the courage too, even to question the whole obesity thing.

    2. Yeah, the whole mind over matter faith healing positive thinking types of philosophies tend to ignore something pretty important called reality. I love how you put it - *New Cage nonsense*! Amen, sister. I could go on and on about the damage done by those who subscribe to the positive (truly *magical*) thinking cult, but that is another topic entirely.

      I've been (slowly) working through the topics listed on the sidebar (not trying to be a blog stalker, just love your validating insights!) and found the posts on food doctoring in America. Makes sense to me that certain corporate entities would adulterate the product they put on the shelf so that people would crave more of it. I know I have noticed with highly processed foods that I tend to want more and more after buying that first box or bag with that first bargain fishing lure coupon.

      Makes you wonder, seeing all the nicely packaged and highly processed WW stuff on the shelf, whether it has not been *specially formulated* too. That so much of it seeks to imitate those *forbidden foods* that all dieters want to eat and cannot allow themselves to touch really points to an emotional attachment that needs to be addressed. Or else WW dieters will be stuck with only the WW version of dessert for the rest of their lives... which is precisely what WW wants, I think.

      I know I am definitely an emotional eater. Probably am projecting that too much onto the dieting population in general, but it has helped me more to focus on trying my best to stay healthy, accepting my body as it is, and dealing with the issues at hand directly. Then, at least, when I go on a comfort food binge, I know the reason why, and that reason is rarely a simple lack of desire or self-control.


    3. Yes they ignore reality it's crazy. Everything is unicorns in the clouds garbage and Oprah is guilty of that here. That magic day where whoosh one will be thin for good and the gates will open and the trumpets will play. Well you know I lost belief in that long ago.

      Make sure you don't miss the posts I have targeted specifically towards the positive thinking cult. There's a few of them.

      Yes they are doctoring the products so people crave and eat more. It's sickening really and I believe the chemicals are adding to the weight. I think the Weight Watchers food is specially formulated to. It all seemed like DESERTS. Isnt it counter productive to focus on a sweet tooth when it comes to dieting, especially since sugar causes hunger rebounds and fat storage more then other forms of calories?

      I think they want those emotional eaters focused on their "deserts" too, yes it would mean more sales. Glad you are seeking understanding regarding your own eating and desires when it comes to it. I am glad you are working at your best to stay healthy and accepting your body.

  2. Great post. I am in the military and am dealing with weight obsessed freaks! It's absolutely insane!

    1. Sorry you have to deal with weight obsessed freaks. Bet it is worse on the women.

  3. I can't lose more than 10 pounds, which I believe is mostly water, and that is by extreme dieting. After the 10 pounds is gone, I can't seem to lose anymore, and those 10 pounds come back very quickly. It is torture to keep it off, and nothing else will come off.

    I can't eat a lot of different food. I am very picky, and tend to turn to comfort over variety, things I am used to. This is what I learned about myself, and I prefer raw over cooked vegetables, and only like very few vege's cooked. I would not last on a WW plan, for I need the things I like.

    I tried Slim-fast many years ago, and I, well actually tried it twice, and spent the day starving till dinner, then at the end of the diet, I gorged. Its hard to keep this up, for nothing comes off anyway.

    I only know of one woman who lost a lot of weight. Her husband walked off on her, so she started to just stop eating. She was not the same after that for her face and everything changed, and skin hung down, and that wasn't very attractive, and she was beautiful before, even at the size she was at.

    I'm sure Oprah can afford many diets that actually make her feel satisfied and not hungry, but she still can't seem to manage weight loss. Yeah, she is definitely proof that it doesn't work.

    1. Sorry you struggle with those 10 lbs Joan. Yes that could be water. Those weight loss programs don't deal with water weight even in more normal size or average people. I estimated the 8lbs at the end, my weight would fluctuate by 15-30lbs even within a WEEK, and it would freak the women out doing the weigh-ins on the same scale. I remember one saying, "you really need to go to a doctor" LOL I was the fattest woman by far in the room but I feel sorry for all those fat women and average sized ones in there believing in the weight loss dream.

      Yes many people are picky eaters and want to eat what they want. I found a lot of the food gross they wanted me to eat. I hate oatmeal eaten as a cereal. I can't eat fish or potatoes without dying. I can eat dairy now with lactase but back then dairy was off the roster. It got to a point to "What can I eat?" and it made my meal planning for diets far more complicated. Understand the appeal of raw vegetables over many cooked ones.

      Slim-fast is gross, and yes you drink it during the day and then starve at night. I would feel intense hunger all day and deal with the same thing.

      I've seen some women lose massive amounts of weight and they look more sickly when they are done. They look far older and wrinkled. They are all promised great beauty. No one is warned about the hanging skin.

      Oprah is proof weight loss doesn't work. She has gyms and fancy chefs and can afford all the organic food with the utmost high nutrition. I was channel surfing on the OWN channel, and saw Oprah had her half-sister on there, and she was overweight like her, I hope she doesn't pressure that woman into being thin. It sickened me how Oprah is still trying to sell the dream for cash that has failed her for the last 25 years. She is rich enough to demand real answers.

  4. Please never ever try the Nutrisystem Diet. I got very sick from that and my friend completely destroyed her gall bladder from it and had to have major surgery to have it removed.

    1. I had this acquaintance give us old nutrisystem food. I wasn't going on the diet but it was more like a help us with groceries thing. That stuff was so gross, I would rather not eat at all. I can see why you got sick. I think a lot of the diets are very harmful. They don't tell people. I think even my kidneys got influenced badly by years worth of you have PCOS remove carbs and do more protein. Well I had to eat something.

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