Friday, January 29, 2016

Is Morbid Obesity Beautiful?

Warning this guy is down on fat people for being "ugly" but asking why severe obesity is being promoted in art and other areas. He needs to get real if 60 percent or more of your population is fat, then it's going to be showing up in the art and elsewhere. What do you expect? He points out the sad fact that fat men remain invisible. He is cruel in calling the fat "ugly" not realizing that beauty is a subjective thing.

 As for the rest of his video, asking why severe obesity is being promoted. Here's my answer because they are fattening us up by design and if they make it "acceptable" on one level, then no one will demand answers as to why everyone is growing so fat and severely fat at that, and they can keep their population control and other agendas humming along.

While he sees through some of this stuff, he is still stuck in the matrix referring to the failures of "personality responsibility" of fat people.

Seeing Through the Obesity Lies 


  1. GMO foods have been fattening people up for the past 20 years and diet food companies put chemicals in supposedly diet food that killed people instead of making them skinnier. If people start eating organic and non-GMO, many organizations and corporations would lose their business. Some people remember good old days when Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Cheetos Cheese puffs tasted great. I did and missed the taste of my favorite foods of my childhood foods. These days these food taste awful because they include chemical substances such as insecticide and glysophates, and GMO corn. These food made us fatter than organic, non-GMO version of food. I think some people are afraid of leaving Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers program, their doctors or Big Pharma. Weight loss industry does not want to lose their business if many people start eating organic and non-GMO food that do not spike blood sugar, make them gain weight, or make them sick.

    Here is an article of interest:

    1. I agree GMO is fattening people up. I believe it is by design so I will get called a crazy tin-hatter foil conspiracy theorist when the evidence is right in front of everyone's eyes that not everyone suddenly became lazy overeaters but our food has been trashed and the pumped in chemicals and more are killing us and fattening us up. Ever notice all the prescription drugs all FATTEN people up and nothing ever takes weight off? I sure have. If they can design the drugs like the anti-depressants to fatten people up they can surely design a few to slim people down.

      I wish I could afford all GMO free, I try to buy what I can, and healthiest food I can come up with but it is difficult. I agree that a lot of food tastes like absolute trash. I tried to eat Kraft Macaroni and cheese [had some lactase milk with it] and it was cloyingly sweet. It was nauseating and I wonder what did they do to it. Remember I had not eaten any for years. They destroyed every food out there from McDonalds to KFC chicken. KFC chicken didn't even taste the same anymore about 10 years ago. It became GROSS.

      Around my town they don't have many health foods or they are very expensive. Sometimes to get non-GMO food, I go to the Mexican market, even the RICE there tastes different and the vegetables, it is far superior to GMO laden

      People don't want to know. Even size acceptance is more interested in NORMALIZING fat, then calling out our poisoning and I bet some powers that be are in on that one. I see more people my size and that is scary. I never saw them 10-20 years ago. IPharma. Weight lo

      They all want to believe in the false weight loss industry dreams. I don't believe in that crap. I can puke for three days and not lose a pound. I see how the dream of weight loss even still holds many Lippies.

      I remember going to Weight Watchers meetings. [I lost only 8lbs overall but they would flip out at my 30lb losses or gains within a week, but they would be selling ALL SWEETS calling them low calorie. It blew my mind why the focus on sugar and chocolate?