Friday, January 29, 2016

Don't Care

Less food from having to keep a better diabetes score and food insecurity did nothing. Well I am not gaining at least.  How many people look at their scales and are disappointed by the promised CICO math scores?

CICO means Calories In, Calories Out.


  1. There is a local weight management clinic here where partial fasting is suggested. They think weight gain is caused by overproduction of insulin more than CICO. They think insulin is constantly being stimulated by sweet foods and the habit of frequently eating instead of having regular mealtimes as used to be common. So they suggest not eating before noon as a partial fast and to prolong the overnight rest for the pancreas.

    1. Hmm interesting theory. I think the constant snacking is dangerous. Maybe one afternoon snack is okay or set times every 4-5 hours but continually eating is not allowing the pancreas a rest and I think the juice and latte stuff has made this even worse too. I have lower blood sugars when I sleep longer into the morning, interesting.

    2. Late night life too may have impact. The body does need 12 hours plus free of food.