Friday, January 22, 2016

Husband Drew Me Some Cartoons

"Hy Pryce Shoppe" "The Adventures of Cynical Budgie", "Easy on my wallet", "This Trip is gonna Suck" "Oh Crap I Don't Have Enough Money", "I hate Shopping" "Everything Stinks", "Rich People Grocery Stores" "On Sale Nine Grain Bread, Tomatoes 2 percent milk, Cottage Cheese: Seventy Million Jillion Billion $s

Uh oh, Cynical Budgie may be me! :p

My husband drew me some cartoons, hey art fever breaks out around here. It keeps us entertained between visits to my Flexitouch sessions and his online work. He started doing this in writing me notes when to wake him up for work. I wrote down some of the harder to read lines, see below each picture.

"Ack Missed a BeaK" "Here We Come Peeping Down the Street", "Lead Singing Budgie" "We Get the Funniest Looks"

"Straight out of Stinksville" "It's Squawksville man! "Naw get me out of L-7 ville" "Crooked feet from walking too much. "Beatnick Peep", "Beatnick Peep Poetry to Impress". "Drink for Hours hopes Someone will buy Another"

These always gave me a good laugh. I hung them up in our bedroom. My real life nick names are Budgie and Peep. "Everything Stinks" is a private joke, it shows up as a panel in my other comic where Budgie is yelling it.


  1. Free the budgies! Free the Peeps!
    Love it-a two creative person household!

    1. Yes free us Budgies, we are tired of bondage. :p

      Thanks TW :)

    2. Yes free us Budgies, we are tired of bondage. :p

      Thanks TW :)

  2. Was that to the tune of "hey hey were the monkey's"