Saturday, May 7, 2016

Articles To Get ACONs Through Mother's Day

Mother's Day or Egg Donor or Would-be/Adoptive Egg Donor's day is not an easy day for ACONS and others to deal with. Hallmark and pals all lay the guilt on. For some who are no contact, Mother's Day can bring on the guilt and sadness. For an ACON it is the day of dead dreams and the mothers that never were. Tomorrow, I plan to rest and enjoy the day, but have had a few years to get used to non-observance of Mother's Day. Try and have a good day nonetheless.

When Mother's Day Hurts

A Toast to All the Brave Kids Who Broke Up With Their Toxic Moms

Mother's Day and Your Narcissistic Mom

Mother's Day Melancholia

Double-Meaning Mother's Day Card


  1. There are so many aspects of your blog which resonate with me. I don't see an email address though. Mine is

  2. Have you anything on sealing the cracks in the garage and running the car until you lose consciousness but still not suffocate your family inside?

    1. No, Yeah I know this is a very hard day. Hope you feel better soon. Stay away from Facebook today, I went on only for a short time. That's a depression factory for the ACON today.

  3. I am mainly joking, but I stocked up on shop vac hoses and duct tape just in case.

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    Had a friend give me this article.

    I'm not including her in this but I realized, I have too many "family oriented" friends on Facebook.