Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some People Should Not Breed

This video was all over Facebook where I saw it. [Warning video may trigger, contains abuse] This woman doesn't deserve this little boy and I can't believe she only got misdemeanor charges. It worries me this poor little boy may have to go back to live with this woman. She cussed him out over a phone charger. He is only a toddler! He looks scared to death too as she is screaming and ranting and raving. This isn't just losing a small temper but a total full blown rage-a-thon and beat-down of her little child who is confused and scared. A personality disorder if not worse is probably a given here! If he gets a spin of the foster care roulette wheel it would be better then being raised by that monster.

Some of us will remember being yelled at that way when young, I certainly was, and there was always something being lost, where the narcissists and abusers would scream, "Where is it?" and the whole house would be torn apart and flying smacking hands would come out. What is with the two idiots allowing this to happen while filming it and watching and not stepping in to save the boy from abuse? They should have been arrested too.


  1. When I read the title I thought I was in Q's blog. Even though I should watch the video, feel too scared. A toddler can't process that, what I'm pretty sure what she is saying to him. The only way the toddler can process it is to blame himself.

    1. I only could watch a short part, otherwise too bad. My hearing problems may protect me, she just sounds like a screeching muddle mouth to me even with hearing aids and turned up volume. It smears out the cuss words I guess. That poor kid was terrified, even if he knew her stupid phone charger was behind the toaster, he would be too scared and overwhelmed to communicate this. He would blame himself. I hope and pray he gets a loving home NOT with her or the two other "bystanders"