Sunday, May 8, 2016

No Memorial Service for Aunt Scapegoat?

I know I'll break my no talk about the "family" rule on occasion. Sorry, today I can't help it. Was there ever one? I don't want to talk to any of them to ask.  Either my theory was right that they would never have one citing "busyness" or my brother told my mother things I said and I was not invited.  I was told it would be in the spring and the "spring" is almost over. Perhaps her Memorial Service got cancelled for a Trophy Child High School Graduation day?

It's like she was whisked away and forgotten about instantly. No one mourned her except maybe a couple cousins. I used to say to people, even as a child, people die in my family and are forgotten about never to be mentioned again.  Remember narcissists only deal with the here and now. They "move on" instantly, nostalgia and mourning aren't their bag. For people who look only at status, I guess to them certain people don't deserve a funeral or any notice.  There's baseball games and beer to drink. Banned from the family plots is bad enough, but no funeral or memorial service? I'll amend this one if it turns out I'm wrong. It's good I walked. It is what would happen to me if I had not walked. Dishonored even in death.

Aunt Scapegoat Has Died


  1. I think there had been skeletons in the closet and these people planned to use her possible memorial to entrap some scapegoats into coming for some illegal involuntary commitment. YOu are seeing a preview how narcs treat their scapegoats and people whom they think are not important. I'm glad you got away before they could control your life financially and destroy your records.

    1. It makes me wonder. My brother made a big deal of my mother saying there would be a memorial service in the spring, so "I" could come during a non-housebound time. She didn't care about the 10 annual family reunions I missed before then because they were held in late December where 95% of the time I am completely housebound. Yeah I am getting a preview in living color of being dishonored in death and more. I don't think my mother even got off the couch in Florida, because her death interfered with her "schedule". What I am guessing happened is my brother told her what I said when informed of the death, and I was closed out. Man they are such creeps. Agree about being entrapped and more especially out of state where the laws probably are less protective of anyone vulnerable. They already destroyed my life financially, there's nothing left to lose there :P ---hey I'm used to it, there's a freedom in having nothing to lose in that world, but escaping being controlled is very important.

    2. I hate seeing Aunt Scapegoat treated this way. I also imagined the ones who lived right near her, had more involvement in her life, and one cousin admitted he hadn't seen her in a year even though he only lives 15 miles away. At least another visited her some.