Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thin Woman Questions the Lie of CICO

CICO: why do we even entertain this idea? It's obviously wrong.

"Everything about my case is unmitigated evidence obesity is a neuroendocrine, metabolic, biological, chemical reaction process that is utterly out of your hands. "

"As far as I can see the strongest evidence for the "eating more" hypothesis of obesity is a moral, emotional, unscientific "hunch" that gluttony is bad and punished by nature with disfiguring obesity. Back on planet reality, it certainly seems true all objective evidence strongly supports the neuroendocrine hypothesis e.g. the slim are slim because they are not fat. The slim literally cannot become obese via over eating, just as the obese cannot be come slim by trying to eat less. When over fed, the thin spontaneously under eat later, tend to exaggerated REE / activity if overfed... basically they cannot be MADE obese no matter what a mad scientist might try do. As far as I'm concerned, the constitutionally thin destroy the entire CICO concept. These humans serve as near proof an increase of caloric consumption need not ever translate to adipose growth. Overfeeding studies as a RULE more or less destroy the idea that over eating causes obesity. If we consistently fail to make the lean obese with force feeding, why would we assume the obese stopped being lean by that mechanism?

Again, in pub med and planet reality, the only way we can make slim people obese is by naturally (or unnaturally) exposing them to the neuroendocrien factors known to cause obesity. Absolutely ZERO are hedonic/moral:

•Insulinomas can make thin people obese, as can insulin provoking drugs (e.g. dopamine blockers, sympathetic depressants).

•Dopamine BLOCKERS reliably induce obesity and diabetes as well. •Sympathetic depressants such as beta blockers , hypothyroidism all tend to cause fat gain/depression but may lower blood sugar (again many hypoglycemics function by decreasing fat oxidation/increasing fat storage).

•Basically anything that can cause permanent fat gain in a slim person, is a factor known to be defective in freely occurring obesity.

  •This is basically anything that GIMPS either the parasympathetic/insulin (anabolic) or sympathetic (catabolic) functions of the adipocyte.

•All of these factors are leptin regulated, but far from absolute e.g. a SNS stimulant still causes weight loss without altering leptin signalling. So do beta blockers and antipsychotics cause weight gain while often raising leptin in process.

  •One thing is certain: overfeeding never, ever, ever, ever permanently increases the body weight of slim people. They generally return to their stable weights after the experiment without trying. The only way to build permanent body fat on a slim person, rather like permanent muscle, is through hormone and nervous system controls. I repeat, the body of scientific evidence and reason clearly suggests obese people are obese because of neuroendocrine dynamics, just as the slim are slim due to a set of different biological actors."

The Keto thing doesn't work for everyone. Some push it big time and hey if it works for you, go for it! It made me ill and jacked up my blood sugars to the stratosphere. It made my faint and my head spin. If I did Paleo, I'd be dead from kidney stones but I am glad this author admits her body works differently and burns off far more calories then I eat in a day. I pay attention to what thin people eat and they are buying candy, sugar, and "bad" stuff at the grocery store. It used to be boggle my mind at church dinners seeing thin people eating pie, cookies, candy and second helpings. This idea that thin people starve their way through life is utter nonsense!

On a Facebook cooking website, that has many thin people posting and showing pictures of their dinners, they have far more food then I do often, including salads and desserts in their daily dinner meals, and it's not all diet food either. I always have said, the super-fat people who can come back from the brink are the ones who do have real eating disorders and binge eating disorders who return to normal amounts of food but if you are fat while eating normally and when responding to actual physical hunger signals and know you can't bear the starvation levels some suggest and they would only sink your metabolism, what do you do then? The fact all the depression medication makes people gain weight sucks. It's one reason I can't take depression medicine. 50lbs gained could be put me in the nursing home. Sometimes I think it was designed to make people fatter more and more. How come they don't have a medicine to make someone thin?

What Do Skinny People Eat?


  1. This is interesting and a very good and obvious observation that most people don't make. I agree.
    I met this woman the other day that said she had to really try to overeat just to gain any weight. She clearly just metabolized differently or something. Lucky her..

    1. I firmly believe fat people will be vindicated one day. I have seen thin people who eat all the time myself and don't get fat. CICO is a lie and metabolism is far more complicated then energy in and energy out. I am glad this thin woman defended fat people.

  2. Yes, I hope your right(about the vindication) and I'm glad you posted her article.

    1. Me too. I think they will realize fat people were just abused. It's coming out now that on biggest loser they got them to take drugs to lose weight.

  3. It's the truth. I used to be very poor and work a physical job; even once I got a desk job and could afford any kind of food & drink that I wanted, I gained all of 20lbs, and lost half of that once I got my balance back (it takes time to learn how to eat moderately if you're not used to being able to afford much choice in what to eat/drink). I have a friend who recovered from binge eating disorder - this friend is one of the very few people I know who's maintained a significant weight loss (over 100lbs for about 2 years).

    1. Sorry you gained weight at your desk job. It is just so hard and I think people are getting tired of being told all of this is contrallable. One thing I want to ask the CICO jerks, is why is the body hungry so much then for the "extra calories"? They never have an answer. I had a very food insecure month, I don't know how to explain to my doctor it did affect the blood sugars. We had to get our car fixed. So no salad for me and too many sandwiches and I even ate Hamburger Helper last night, something I have't eaten in 15 years. Yes eating in moderation is hard when you are scrapping up the food. We are even counting the slices of lunch meat. If not for canned tomato soup which isn't my first choice either but what I got, I'd probably have scurvy already. Yes if one overcomes severe overeating disorders weight loss can happen.