Wednesday, May 11, 2016

If He Becomes President, Can I Move to Canada?

It's weird how Americans are banned from everywhere as everyone and their brother moves here. Canada won't take any disabled people. I am afraid of Trump becoming president. Sure most of our political leaders are narcissists and sociopaths, but this one is such an over the top narcissist he doesn't even try to hide his bad behavior. He's an overt one from the gates of hell.

I am embarrassed that this country sees this guy as presidential material. Hillary is no better though, so don't think in putting down Trump I love Hillary either. Hillary threw any integrity overboard like she was Anna Duggar sticking by a husband who openly cheated on her. And this is who the feminists love? Give me a break. Hillary is a Monsanto supporting crook. But Donald Trump, has this nation gone mad? Are memories that shorts from the 1980s when this guy went bankrupt and became a national joke? Three wives doesn't wake anyone up to what he is about? He outsources his own workers so you think he's going to keep those globalist trade promises? Wake up! He's taking people down sucker highway!

It makes me sick how humans always seem to love and cheer for the most evil guy in the room, and you got an example right here!

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