Monday, May 2, 2016

Some ACON Poetry

I know I'm breaking my don't discuss them rule indirectly here, but I'm sure those times will come up.  Most of these poems were written a few years ago about the time I went no contact. I wanted to share them. Sometimes I write poetry on different subjects. This was a few times the N family came up.


Empty People

I'm surrounded by empty people
reporting the input
no output from within
all copies of their popular culture
of their choosing
of their class
of their year
situation, looks, sex
empty people
cruel people
that hurt with nasty words
smile at the right movements
difficult circumstances
didn't build character in this case
but tore what little there was down
Empty People
they want to be filled
and it won't be with me.


Adult School Yard

I am stuck in the adult school yard
and It's just like the kid one
I had hoped it would be different
[no friendship or fun times]
Everyone seems to have an ulterior motive
The Adult School Yard has it's share of games
More than you ever could hope to play
......"screwing over for money"
......."lying for manipulation"
......."jockeying for compliments"
......."kings and queens of the dung head of money"
......."who's fooling who...."

I am sick of it all and don't want to play anymore!


Mother II

She would say my laugh annoyed her
And that my arms were too long
And that my feet were too big
And that my butt was way too fat
And that I got in other people's way as
She would grab on to an arm and pull
To always clear the way for a stranger
And that I didn't know how to clean
And hours and hours of housework
Would be considered a failure
If one plastic drinking cup
Was missed in the sink
And that my hair, room, car
were not neat enough
And that I talked too fast
And that I snorted too much
And that tics are only an excuse
And that I cleared my throat too many times
Allergies or not
And that I must dress like her
Never wearing a dress until I was 20 years old
and now I wear nothing but
And that I didn't know how to talk to people
And that my personality was all wrong
And later I smiled too much
And those friend's didn't really care
And then I thought nothing will ever be good enough
Whatever happened to happiness
And I woke up and said, "Screw being perfect!
I'm too tired and I am done! and
 I walked out.


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