Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blood Sugar Back Down to 117

Worrying about a problem jacked it to the skies. I ate scrambled eggs, wheat toast and homemade turkey sausage for dinner with some salad. Yes I know that's an odd dinner, the night before. Dealing with Diabetes is like a science project. My CPAP mask may have slid off my face too. Rest and mellowing out helps my blood sugar.


  1. That sounds like a perfect dinner, I would love that. I can't have eggs right now, cholesterol issue. I'm so glad things are going well, and back to normal.

    1. sorry you have a cholesterol problem. I couldn't eggs for 20 years but now can have them. Hope I am not eating too many but they don't seem to do much to my cholesterol. I guess the doctor will tell me though. :P They did release new studies saying they are not as harmful as once thought so you may want to look into that unless your doctor said no eggs. It was pretty tasty food. I do better on high protein.