Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fat Shaming Study: I am one of the 50

I participated in this study a couple years ago and remember writing down some of the events I went through. I can't remember if I am the one who wrote about the dentist chair or not, or the mooing, both of those sound familiar but definitely things happened to me during the week I reported.

'The dentist was worried I might break his chair': The hurtful fat-shaming experienced by overweight women three times a day

I am glad it is getting some publicity now. Yes fat women have to put up with a lot. Living in a smaller town, people get used to my 500lb+ body walking around. It's not as hard as in urban areas where you are a new sight to people and they stare and may say mean things.

If I was going to go over the last week, I could list these things. 1. Rude comments left on this blog, calling me a liar for what I eat, 2. Being not taken seriously by someone, not listened to due to visible disabilities. 3. Entering an office with all armed chairs and having to ask for a special chair. 4. Feeling stared at by a few people--that happens often enough to me.

What I have to face nowadays as I got older and surlier, is not the overt stuff anymore but more covert, but for many of us fat people it never ends. You know you are in a world that does not fit you. You know that people judge.

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