Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Flexitouch Now

It shrunk my bad leg down by quite a bit, the changes are noticeable right from the start and even my good leg, went down by a lot. I am noticing I have "lumps" on my legs which can come with lipedema, there is a big one on my good leg even. I have used this two days, and done each leg on alternating days. Bad leg on even days, and good one on odd days?

The sessions are 70 minutes. My husband has to strap the leg things on for me. The hardest part is the positioning and I'm slow at puzzles so trying to figure out where the parts go is the toughest, but I figure once I am used to it, we will have it going well. It feels like a massage, I like the feeling of it. 

Yesterday I peed a lot and think it has stimulated the lymphatic system in a good way!

My Flexitouch Lymphedema Pump


  1. I hope it brings you some comfort.

  2. thanks q it is. It is taking off a lot of fluids in the legs.

  3. Hi. Just checking in to see how you're feeling/doing after a few more days with the device. You seemed to be getting so much relief; I hope it has continued. -- Lora

    1. I am noticing the pain in my legs is far far less. That alone is a great thing.