Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nutritionist Says I am Doing Well

I lost some, but remember with me, I have to fight NOT to gain weight. It's always hard to know what is water lost or gained too, you know? I told her, I just want to see a 4 as the front number again.  My goals for the nutritionist was to up the nutritional factor, get more practical food ideas, deal with the serious nutritional deficient and NOT gain any more weight. Even if you are lipedemic, you still should try and control what "fat weight" you can. We do not remove fat the same way as other people either. Our fat cells are not normal.

"Lipoedema involves pathological changes in cellular function of adipose (fat) cells leading to fatty tissue edema, thickened collagen fibers, venous stasis, and lymphostasis and often pain in the edemic region. A significant difference between lipoedema and general fat storage is that regardless of an individual’s weight loss effort there will be no change in the volume of the lipoedemic region, even with minimal food intake."

I suppressed the calories to around 1800 a day on average. I am eating a bunch more vegetables and fruits. 1800 is the lowest that can be managed. The guy who said 1200 is crazy. Hey I will do it, if they invent a drug to kill hunger pain that isn't eating. LOL I know my hunger levels are not normal. Do any of you know a way to kill hunger pain that isn't dangerous? Yes I drink water and often wait the 20 minutes but it can come crawling back. My body drives me crazy with it's constant demands. There are hours a day being dedicated to it's maintenance. What other choice do I have?

I'm writing down everything I eat too. I eat a lot of foods people find weird. LOL. Qrunch burgers are good by the way. Try them out.


  1. Congrats, I'm glad the nutritionist has found that your hard work is paying off.

    I can stick to about 1700-1800 calories, but partly by rarely eating grains, which I realise may be essential to you to meet your needs.

  2. Thanks Anon, I appreciate it. I am glad you can stick to the calorie level too. I had to reduce bread a lot too.

  3. I was always hungry until I was diagnosed with pre-Diabetes and found the low carb, high fat diet. I know it sounds crazy, but if you cut out the carbs, fat is actually good for you. You can Google any number of websites on it. It was amazing to me to finally not be hungry constantly.

  4. Grains aren't essential for anyone. Upon entering the body, they're broken down into sugar, and if not immediately used, they're stored as fat. Often times, our bodies are overzealous with the fat storage part of this, which leaves us extremely hungry, even just a short time after eating.

    By removing grains, legumes, starches, and sugar from my diet, I've been able to totally control my hunger. If I don't get a meal on time, it's now simply a minor inconvenience. Previously, it felt like my body would stop functioning.