Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Ice Bucket Challenge For Me: I'll Chew on an Ice Cube For Ya!

Wow, I know people doing this on Facebook, many mean well, but in my mind, forget it! Fads that everyone runs after kind of annoy me. What does freezing under cold water have to do with ALS? Aren't those people mostly paralyzed and losing feeling? What about places where this is a waste of water?

 Ah my head hurts. Let's have everyone do a dance for lipedema or wiggle their ears if they can, or wear their hair dyed purple. If celebrities and the elite do it, I don't want to. This seems like a distraction of sorts to me.  I know they are using social media for social experiments. So forget it.

Send a donation to ALS charities [or others of your choice] if you want, but ignore this silly bucket thing.

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