Monday, February 2, 2015


"The new documentary Bite Size will have you rooting for four brave kids.

In this exclusive trailer, the film's stars – Keanna, 13, Davion, 12, Moy, 11, and Emily, 13 – get candid about their struggles to lose weight and the challenges they've faced along the way.

"I want my diabetes to go away so I can do what everybody else can do," says football player Davion.

The kids are "cute but conflicted, funny yet flawed," director Corbin Billings tells PEOPLE. "For them, the mission is not simply to lose weight, but to learn to love themselves to change their lifestyle for a healthier, happier future."

These kids have many challenges ahead of them.  I am glad they talk about the realities of the teasing and failed diets. One thing worries me is I had that dream always of "being thin" when young and I was much more mildly overweight as a child but it impacted my life greatly. I was so active and still fat and well you can see this happen to the children above too. Will the perfect lifestyle make you thin? I agree with doing what you can but what if it doesn't? Too many young people learn self-loathing when the weight doesn't come off. Of course I believe that there is more causing the severe obesity out there then "lifestyle failures".

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