Monday, February 2, 2015

The Small Things

What are your small pleasures?

I like rainy days, bookstores, libraries, cozy blankets, a hot bowl of soup, looking through my stamp collection and sitting outside enjoying nature.


  1. Hi Peeps,

    What lovely words!
    I'm not sure about the cancelled plans and pajamas, but the others - bliss!
    My treat is simply a coffee and a magazine. I have a place I call my "secret garden", which is in one of the busiest area's in the city, but is not visible from the main roads, so not many people know about it, it's one of those places you stumble on whilst wandering or by accident. I some times take myself off there (with a coffee) and just sit and wait for the little Robin that almost always appears when I go. It's a very atmospheric place, it's an old church that got bombed out, and rather than knock it down, it was made into a public garden!

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks AHG

      Yeah I don't like cancelled plans and I wear long nightgowns instead or old dresses to bed. I love magazines and coffee too. We have a coffee shop I like to go visit and I take almond milk and pour it in and have big coffee. I like that you have a secret garden. I had one in my old town, next to a pond in a sort of forgotten park very few visited down the road from my house. Here I sit by the river with husband in another park, but I would like to find a place in the woods to sit too. We have ducks where I go but yes I would like to see a robin. :) That is cool they make the bombed out church into a public garden. I await spring with anticipation even to be able to be in some of these spots. All the best to you too. :)

  2. If my last comment went through, delete it-it's under my old Google handle. So I'm posting this again. I enjoy all those things, I also love listening to music, taking a bubblebath, eating some dark chocolate, singing along to music in the car, and this week, I discovered the joys of pinecones!