Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where Have all the ACON Bloggers Gone?


I suppose some blog and then get it all out of their system. I feel like I have so many layers to work through this will take longer then most on that particular subject.

One of my favorite bloggers died but I read many others that were taken down after a short period of time or where the blogger stopped blogging. One had "dance" in the title and another "fan" in it, and there's been a whole slew of others that have vaporized. I know with blogs that are mainly ACON blogs, I am sure some may even rush to take down their blogs worrying their families or narcissists may find them.

I have noticed there seems to be a short time span in posting about narcissism.

Since this blog is not purely an ACON blog, and covers obesity, poverty and other matters of life, I know the day could come where I may write more about other topics then that one. I had hoped one day I could write about exciting projects and trips and show more photos, but the drudge of life marches on. Lately I feel like I just want something exciting to happen. Hey the winning Lotto ticket is overdue! :)

But I miss some of those bloggers and video makers who seemingly have dropped off the map for good. I won't mention them by any names here.

Mother Jones is claiming that blogging is dying with Facebook taking control. Barf.

Some post prolifically even for 2 and 3 years and then are finished. Maybe they hit the end point of their recovery and more important matters of life come up and then have nothing more to say.  I know the normal people out there have to make a living and have children to take care of. They have said everything there is to say about their miserable narcs.  I can't judge them for that, it's the natural progress of life us Aspies have a harder time grasping but I do miss them and their writing.

I know I still have more to say but I'm a year and half into it all I suppose so maybe I haven't hit the end run on the ACON stuff like others. Sometimes I hope I got into this blogging thing for the right reasons. I had some sneer at me that blogs are narcissistic ventures in themselves written for attention. This one had some true causes in it, I am dedicated to fat people having a voice and some needed changes being made in that world.  I suppose those matters will not end.

I always wanted to have some voice in the world, hope that doesn't sound narcissistic, but when you see more and more bloggers drop off, it can get lonely. You wonder if you will be silenced here too as the world marches on and leaves you behind. I have weird feelings of standing alone with a tumbleweed blowing by. The stats haven't dropped or anything like that, this blog is read, but it is just some odd things I think about.

I want to print this blog in it's entirety, anyone have any ideas on how to do that where it won't break the bank?


  1. I miss them too. When I first got awakened last summer, there were some blogs I just lived on. They are still up, but I have read every word, and they seem to be taking a break. I don't know if I'll ever stop blogging. My life, my dreams were all stolen from me. This is so affected my life, and no counsellor can help me. I have been in treatment since I was 18 years old. Targeted by bullies, chewed up and spit out. And I didn't know what was happening to me all my life.

    Now I can deal with the narcs, only because I get to talk about it. I'm sure there are some new bloggers out there. One has followed me, put me on his list and just wrote 2 posts. I put him on my list. He's not been around for a month.

    If we find them then lift them up for support, I know we can't trust everyone, but I think in this case we need to. And just take them off our lists if they are a predator. Just saying.

  2. Thanks Joan. Yeah I miss them as well. I have read some blogs for a longer time, but really got into them about a year ago. It does seem some are taking a long break but usually if someone goes beyond 2 or 3 months it usually means they have quit. One thing about blogging is you can lose readership from too long of a drop-out. I don't know if I will stop blogging either. I want to somehow save this blog in case BlogSpot went down. If anyone has advice for this, I want a print out and also saving online. I used to copy and paste pages.

    I am glad there are some new bloggers out there, I will check out your list. I can only deal with this stuff talking about it too. I agree be careful who to trust but find good people in the ACON community.

  3. I never thought of Blogspot going down. This is my diary, a lifetime of resource material. I'll have to figure that one out too. I hope someone comments here with the answer.

  4. Peep, I know I haven't commented in a while but I'm finally catching up now. Just read all your new posts. Being somewhat new to blogging (almost 6 months now), I didn't realize blogging was becoming a thing of the past. I hope that is wrong! (I can't stand Facebook either,blech is right). I absolutely love this and as of now, don't see myself ever stopping. In fact I'm rather addicted (averaging 2-4 posts a day).
    But at some point, I may run out of things to write about narcissism. Already things have been getting better for me. It's been incredibly therapeutic and has even led to a spiritual awakeing-- I stopped being agnostic. But I'm not ready to move on to other topics yet,although as you know, my blog (like yours) is not 100% about narcissism.
    I will keep blogging even if it's the only blog left on the Internet. I know there are a lot of really great blogs that have been inactive for years.
    Perhaps, like you said, they either felt they had moved on, or were worried about their FOO's finding them. Many of us are hypervigilant about our narcs finding our blogs. Me, I don't care. They have found my blog and while I do feel a little irrational shame, I will keep blogging. This isn't about them; it's about ME.

    I have heard rumors about Blogspot being shut down, although I don't know if these rumors are true. I think Wordpress is in less danger because it's been around longer--you could try transporting your blog to WP--not sure how you do that but there are probably instructions. You don't have to shut your blog down here- but if anything ever hapens, you have it over at wordpress too.-- Lucky Otter