Saturday, March 28, 2015

Narcissism in a Commercial: The Bankers Have Bestowed Their Favor!

This commercial is worthy of our disdain. It advances narcissism. Look at the woman who is proud of her high credit score. If I was 18 again, I would drop out of the credit system. It is one reason all the prices are higher then what people can actually afford. The other commercial where the dope has tattooed her credit score on her arm creeps me out, it makes me wonder when we switch to the cash-less society if they will have your credit score showing up on your mark of the beast.

 I am sure my credit score is in the negative range. The only credit card I could get would have 50% usury rates. I find it interesting in this society that we are judged for things beyond our control like a boss on a bad hair day deciding to destroy our lives via "at-will" employment.

This woman in this commercial is so proud of her "mammon" score. She puts her feet up on the surprised banker's desk. Doesn't she know with a few key strokes he could destroy her life and oops not register a few mortgage payments? Her snotty arrogance is how they advance narcissism in our society on some less then subtle levels.


  1. Oh wow, I spent my whole life trying to achieve that good credit score. I failed, lol. I couldn't borrow money to buy a box of crackers.

    All joking aside, I do find this credit system rather lame. I know people who get calls daily from creditors. Trying to get blood out a stone. This system is broken.

    And what is with this, understanding bosses in the case of a mental health problem? I got fired from having panic and anxiety attacks, I was told I was untrustworthy because of a mental health issue. Yep, big powerful companies told me this. Gee, I can talk about this all day.


    1. I wish I never got one. I don't know what mine is and don't care. I think the credit system is corrupt and one reason they kept wages suppressed to enslave us all. I have had them track me down and sue me. Of course this was after husband was laid off which was beyond my control. They don't care if you do not even have a pot to pee in, they will come after you with full force and spend 20,000 dollars on lawyers when you don't even have a dollar in the bank.

      I wonder if you could had filed a lawsuit over them firing you. Some states it would be easier done then others of course an "at will", "right to fire" state forget it. We are seeing anyone who does not conform perfectly being thrown out of the "weed-out" workworld, even the slavery codes--cough--credit scores, are part of this. Funny how one gets this number assigned to them that is really controlled by others who determine if you can have a job or not.

    2. I never got to stay at a job long enough to be part of the union, that takes months. After that, I guess it would have been hard to get rid of me. But I always had anxiety, and that is very hard to learn and work through. All I needed was someone understanding that. The panic would have left me and I'm just as or even smarter and capable as the others.

      But, yeah, I heard they will hound people for years, daily with threatening phone calls. And if you are booted out of the work system for matters out of your control, you feel badly. I mean, if someone wants to pay the bills, but can't, and their whole intention in the first place was just to be like everyone else and have a good life.

      I payed off a credit card a few years ago, while I was struggling. I couldn't put food on the table and I came up with the $700, then I lost another job. And part of me wishes I never paid it off. Let the system stay broken.

    3. Let them rot. I sincerely tried to be a part of their system and it never happened for me. Yes, I do live a very traditional life these days, something I probably would have chosen regardless if being successful, but I never got to choose it. But I'm happy to be here.

      But here is how it is. I had one boss crying over having to fire me over anxiety. If that boss would have put on his big boy pants, and do what he should have done this never would have happened, and I wouldn't be writing for all the world to see how corrupt the world is.

      Its like in the movie the little mermaid, "Part of your World" song. I can sing that song. I wanted to be a part of this world, but I had to spend my time on momma's lap till I was fifteen years old, made fun of, yes even in front of my high school peers. I became deadlocked into fear and humiliation.

      And this system, where they won't let me be a part of this world. Let this system rot. I want my $700 dollars back.

    4. Sorry you could not join union, the way jobs are set up they worsen people's anxiety. Yes they hound people to death and yes so many lives ruined by cruel bosses. The guy that fired my husband here ruined our life and has created nothing but pain for me. So that is supposed to be within our control. We aren't part of this world either. We are two "throw-aways" sadly.

      Most of us wanted a good life and wanted to pay bills and be happy but they denied that to us too. I agree let the whole system rot. I agree about not wanting the 700 dollars back.

  2. I am glad I am not the only person who hates that commercial enough to dog it out online. It has rubbed me the wrong way the whole time since it first started.

    1. I hate it too. The woman makes me sick but then you see people all through out commercials who act that way. I would give her a high-five for being a high achieving slave and drone.

  3. I think narcs are ruling credit bureaus and hired lobbyists to convince member of Congress to deregulate banks and employers who want to discriminate against normal, non-narc workers. These days, I noticed that those who made it on the top are usually narcs and their enablers, not good people.

    I learned from an attorney who worked for a safe house program for women that our ability to obtain perfect credit history are based on our ability to keep our jobs for a long time or our ability to get trust fund checks. These are benefits narc people and their enablers could get, based on how the world works today.

    I hate these types of commercials for several reasons. One, that is praise narcissism as you mentioned. Two, it praise feminism that made many of us good women single and childless. Three, it praised those who hurt others in workplace so they could get ahead and become wealthy. Four, it praise people who rejected Jesus Christ and encourage people to embrace false prosperity gospel and to hang out with false narc Christian narcs rather than true Christians. Five, credit bureaus, credit card companies, and creditors have been deregulated during George W. Bush Administration and many true Christians suffered bad credit rating due to a lack of funds rather than our good character, despite some employer's argument that our credit rating and payment history reveals our "good character." People who have poor credit rating do not have the money to pay bills because they are unable to keep their job. I am unsure if it is a mental health issues since most of us lost our jobs for not meeting certain people's narc supplies.

    1. The banking system has become a giant racket. If you want to know how much, google derivatives. I think they even come up with maze systems that make no sense to the average viewer so they can cook the books more freely and do more rip-offs. Remember the bankers and others basically have purchased our government and when they got their trillions in bail-outs at tax-payer expense, this came full circle. I often tell dumbed down Tea-Partiers who complain about welfare people, what about all the welfare to the banks?

      I agree with that attorney. Also the jobs have to be high paying too so one can meet bills. The whole idea of a credit score representing one's responsibility to me is total BS, not in a world where they can take away a job on a whim or where people are so horribly underpaid compared to the prices.

      Yes I hate that commercial so much, are we surprised that a narc sociopathic woman with a milquetoast puppy dog boyfriend or husband has a high credit score? She is a shark who never would lose a job since she has the goods on most of the office and they are shaking in their boots when she enters a room.

      Remember now they are destroying personal and family relationships so everyone is a competing consumer. People with few loyal ties to one another are easier to control. Godless narcs who reject Jesus Christ are perfect bank customers.

      Think about this, have some views the powers that be don't like, and lose your job, well there goes the credit score. It's another way for them to form an elite high credit score society that lords over the "throwaways".

      I believe employers who check credit history unless someone is working in banking with giant bags of money should be sued. Here the weeding out process is even more cemented. [I still have the theory that my husband lost his last higher paying job, because they figured out how much I would cost being on the supplemental insurance. Of course there was no way to prove this but when he got a good review, and then only a few weeks later right after the insurance kicked in, what was I supposed to think?

      If they can take jobs away on whims, what does a credit score mean when it comes to "good character"? Nothing.

      Here even the ultra rich punish the poor making the lack of money or low credit score as a remark on their character and trustworthiness.

      The job system is corrupt and broken too along with the rotten banking system and credit system.