Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Aliens

Bukowski is one of my favorite poets.

Of course I ask, are some of those people who look like they have easy lives just hiding their pain better? That may be possible for some of them. Don't begrudge the happy too.

I think of people sometimes as the "normals" vs. me but then that can set you up where you wouldn't get to know some great people letting your own "opposition" prejudices get you. For example if I told all thin people to jump in the lake. That would be insanely foolish.

There are times I wish I fit in and other times I don't. It is a strange dichotomy. Hey I wanted to be an artist at age 5 I kind of asked for at least a little bit of the weirdness. Also I had no control over what happened to me.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes he is. Never seen anyone else use words the same way. I want to get more of his books but they are hard to find even in libraries.

  2. I love Bukowski too! I never saw this poem but it describes the narcs so well, and what it's like to live among them. Thanks for posting.

    1. Yes the narcs present everything as perfect too.

      One thing I figured out about myself is Iiving in this kind of narc-place, means that one as a child and even young adult does not learn to cope with adversity among this set.