Friday, March 13, 2015

Does Freezing Yourself Make You Lose Weight?

Freezing yourself seems pretty dangerous. I do not condone this as a weight loss technique. I wondered though if I kept my bedroom temperature lower at night is if it would it burn off more fat? With my lungs, remember my housebound COPD problems, going too cold is not an option. I have seen some articles in the past claiming that central heating is one thing that has fattened us up. They say all the work at keeping warm kept people thinner in days past when they only had fireplaces and small stoves to put heat during the winter. Some questions for this though I have....

1. Are people fatter in warmer climates? Were people thinner in cold climates before the days of central heating and electricity?

2. Doesn't some fat protect in cold? [I'm not talking hugely obese but plumb]

He thinks exposing one's self to cold will help control your weight.

Before I got sick in my 20s, I used to find some cold enjoyably bracing in a way. My college mates used to exclaim surprise over my habits of going out without a coat in cold temperatures. That didn't last very long though.

Tell me what you think of this.


  1. Being cold is bound to use up some calories. I grew up with no central heating, and we certainly appreciated the heat more then, now we just take it for granted. We now run a woodstove, but otherwise have all the conveniences of modern living, including central heating.

    Around here, the climate does dictate the food you eat. In the summer we eat lighter. It has always been that way, so I guess fat does keep you warmer.

    But its hard to imagine that. We don't have fat like a whale has fat, whales have a totally functional type of fat, that does keep them warmer. And Eskimos eat it, it has the same texture as bologne. Actually eskimos have to eat it or they will die in the cold climates.

    Mobility is hard in the cold. Around here it takes a huge mental toll on people, they get Seasonal Affective Disorder. That might cause weight gain.

    1. Yes summer food is usually lighter while winter food is heavier. I think some fat can keep you warmer. I get cold easy so it isn't helping with that. I agree about those who gain weight from seasonal affective disorder. Yes it has to use up some calories. I know I am not going down the freeze yourself calorie burn a thon, it won't work on me since I can't even go outside and breathe in cold air. Cold water probably would make me throw up if anything.

  2. I don't believe freezing yourself will burn fat, or being in a colder climate ( I live in Canada...I know cold) I think the idea behind this is you start shivering as your body tries to keep your core temperature up, therefore the act of shivering must burn more calories.... personally I think that is a very flawed theory , and IMHO it gives false hope to people who struggle with their weight and possibly further shames an overweight person by promoting the whole thin is healthy crap , please don't buy into this.

    1. I know it is kind of scary, will some desperate fat people who want to be thin go sit outside in the cold air and get hypothermia. Shivering usually does burn calories but I saw a commenter on there asking the guy, "Well how do I keep from getting sick?" There is that little fact that if you are freezing yourself, your immunity drops and you get stuck with a flu or cold. The same germs are around in the summer but being cold puts the body under more strain. Don't worry I am not going to try and freeze fat off by sitting in ice water. My husband refused the "keep the bedroom colder" at night gambit. He turned the heat up.

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