Saturday, August 1, 2015

Totally Obsessed Gaining Goddess - Fred Willard

Sometimes I think these people are fake, meant to muddy the weight loss waters and label all us fat people as "choosing" our condition. The powers that be can rub them in our faces. However obviously some feedees and feeders are real.  Her cupboard full of junk food is sickening. I looked her up and it looks like she is part of the BBW porn world and abandoned the weight gain--actually losing weight some years later. It's not realistic, even the most die-hard feedees know that weight gain will kill.


  1. I see this dynamic forming with my older step daughter and her enabling mother. I thought I had seen everything until now. She brings in the crappiest food at the behest of her daughter and her daughter stands in front of the pantry and scarfs it down.

    1. Sorry to hear that. She isn't helping her daughter's health not all. I think about the junk they push in our grocery stores, you have ton shove aside mounds of crap to get anything good.