Friday, August 7, 2015

So Sick of the Fakes

I'm so sick of the fakes I want to throw up. It seems harder and harder to find real and honest people.  One thing about the narcissists is many of them are two-faced wolves in sheep's clothing. They will act nice to your face or send you fake cards that have messages like "We miss you" while never addressing the problems that led you to depart from them in the first place.

 I don't want to sound like that Salinger hero who goes on and on about the phonies, since he was a sociopath himself, but a lot of people out there are fake. It has made society fake. Our society is built on lies, and the snow shoveling has only gotten more frenzied and the piles of cow patties deeper. People don't want the truth or their illusions shattered. This society is getting the narcissist sociopathic politicians it deserves. As an Aspie, the fakeness bothers me more. So much just seems to be so much play-acting. Everyone trying to sell a line. If you are a person that cares about truth, most of the fakes just go silent around you and become even more secretive. Maybe they find their lies too hard to keep straight and track of around a detailed-oriented Aspie.

 Sometimes when a fake is in my midst, I ask later, "How could I have been so blind?". In every case though, I knew something was wrong and felt off. Some go through their lives like actors and actresses, everything about manipulating circumstances to serve their needs. It can be devastating when the veil is ripped off a new fake, such as the fake friend who wasted 4 years of my life. The real people are out there, but we need to be careful of the phonies.

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