Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ollie's Latest Videos

Ollie's latest troubles with his narcissists remind me of the time when my mother took my credit card out of the mail when I was around 21 years old and put 1700 dollars on it. I kept wondering where the credit card was that I had applied for, and didn't know until one day I was home sick from work and a package arrived with my name on it and a credit card number below it. I went no contact at that time and wasn't believed by my father and was abused and threatened when I confronted them. When I think back to that time, I really wish I had called the police, and should have too when my father threw paint cans at me.  I wish I never went back.  I was too poor and with bad credit for her to make use of my identity later on. However Ollie's experience should be a warning to all of us though even those of us who have gone no contact.

Ollie broke contact to deal with his narcissists signing a mortgage in his name. His narcissists have created a giant opening forging his name. His hateful sperm donor seems to have committed identity theft. Ollie can now pursue charges against them. He is right you can not reasons with narcs and their enablers, they have no empathy, they have no remorse. The narcissists, golden children and enablers all act in tandem. They will defend everything and anything the narcissists do. I am praying Ollie can get his daughter back and he is running a GoFund me.

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