Monday, August 31, 2015

Mother by Pink Floyd

I don't agree with everything with Pink Floyd, but I remember seeing the movie the Wall when I was young and in college and it gave me the weirdest effect, I broke out crying uncontrollably. The movie deals a lot with war, and societal control and you can see the theme of abusive parents in there too, which they go along with the totalitarian wicked society too don't they? The movie had a profound emotional effect on me. I had this feeling of despondency realizing more of what this world was about and what I faced. After the intial viewing, I would see it multiple times.

Aren't the ones who worship the powers that be part of the evil system? Think about the ones sending their sons to die in endless wars. I don't trust people now who love war, and who have no qualms about sending their sons to die for the bankers. One reason I left the church I did, since they praised the Middle Eastern wars and I realized with my horror even though the pastors two sons had fought and seen horrors in Iraq and Afghanistan, one with his thousand yard stare, they still supported it all. I couldn't conceive of that and was spiritually troubled in the depth of my being.

I may articulate these thoughts more in depth later but I think about how the narcissistic parents relate to our totalitarian society as a whole. The whole "school to prison", or "war industrial" complex, is based on the lack of love and desire for control.  The narcissists and reprobates keep it all humming. The people who see outside "The Wall" are hated by society but there is a reason that album did get so popular. Many people know in their conscience and suspect something is seriously wrong even if they cannot articulate it all.

By the way my parent's government jobs were totally linked to war making. I won't go into detail here but let's just say they weren't happy to have a war protestor for an adult child. Many people do profit from war-making and the system. I remember my parents were upset at my questioning of the system at a very early age.

This song has a strange effect on me and used to make me cry. It does show more the relationship of mother and son but you can see the infantalizing effects and the effort to control the son in the relationship. "Mama's going to make all your nightmares come true".


  1. For me it is reminiscent of that moment when a person speculates about whether either of your parents really give an F about you and the epiphany that comes from realizing that the truth is that they wouldn't care if you stepped out in front of a moving car and got creamed right in front of them.

    1. I had to realize this the hard way. Both saw me when I was literally DYING in Chicago [my entire body was covered in sores--I suspect I had vasculitis-I still get mild bouts now] and near the peak of my weight gain, and they were more busy going shopping at the Mall of America. I know mine would not cared if I died. 2013 in the months before I went NC, it was revelatory how they treated me when I was sick enough to need daily nursing care and back then I didn't think I was going to make it another year. They simply didn't care.

  2. Yes the realization of what their "love" really was is the most devastating blow of all and then all the flashbacks and the epiphanies of things you didn't quite "get" before but make perfect sense now. Pink Floyd's Brick in the Wall had the same effect on me as this song, although I didn't listen to them a whole lot, they were just too depressing to me. But I loved Rush, who is another intellectually stimulating band and has some very deep music that is way over the head of the vast majority. Here's one for you that says it all without any words:

  3. The name of the song is Malignant Narcissism