Monday, August 10, 2015

I don't get performance art

This isn't helping the cause of fat acceptance. It hurts it. I'd be dead trying to eat what she does on this video. That much cake wouldn't even fit in my stomach and the sugar would have me on the floor. Performance art is some of the weirdest art out there. It's all supposed to be political and whatnot when it seems like empty-headed nonsense. In this case, I hope she did go puke when she was done.


  1. That shows about as much sensitivity as performance art that celebrates the vocal stylings of Yoko Ono by burying a bunch cats with their heads sticking out of the ground and running them over with a lawn mower.

  2. LOL I agree. This is another fat person debasing themselves. Don't they get that is the role society is shoving them into?

  3. This is just really sick! There's so many of that are obese that struggle with making the right food choices every day. This is like food porno!

    1. Yeah it is pretty sick. She degrades herself and other fat people too. Agree about it being like food porn. Most performance art all seems dirty and disgusting.