Saturday, August 22, 2015

Will Anna Leave Josh Duggar? She Should.

I watched the Duggars for some time. It was a train wreck in slow motion. Michelle Duggar's soft spoken fake whispers are just an act.  She is so fake to me.  Both Jim Bob and Michelle are absolute narcissists. The Duggars represent a lot of why I am no longer in the church system. I have no interest in following those who are just useful tools for the power brokers.

Fake Pharisees don't do it for me. The Duggars act as an anti-Christian commercial in society with their extreme legalisms and weird sexual repression garbage that focused on hiding the real perversion behind the scenes. The side hugs garbage and not kissing even while engaged was the invention of dirty minds obsessed with sex and "purity".

There is a patriarchy movement taking over in evangelical and fundamentalist churches, and the Duggars definitely adhere to it. There is an overlap with Quiverful but not all patriarchials are Quiverful. They believe men are to be in charge and women are chattel and only seen as baby-making machines. One reason Jana still lives at home is they believe that women have to be under a father or husband's authority. That is why she is 26 years old living like she is 12. The men do get excused for everything and you see that in Josh where the daughters were not protected from him. The daughters are told they are responsible for men's behavior. They were put last.

 The Duggars are definite Dominionists who bow before right wing politicians. They are lovers of the "new world order".  Dominionism is about Christian political triumphalism that is more of the antichrist and with it comes a love and lust for war and power and riches in this world. The Duggars sought their fame as they became politically involved with the right wing and supported war-mongering globalist politicians. Dominionism is authoritarian where power is worshipped. This is why Jim Bob ran for Senate and why Josh Duggar worked for "The Family" connected Family Research Council. Check out this book:

The blind unthinking obedience taught to the Duggar children, leads to more hidden sins. Instead of a moral code being developed from within, the parents with their narcdom and focus on the rules probably lead Josh to go to a place of "What can I get away with?". Josh in other words did not learn right and wrong for himself and had no self direction and learned no self control. Control freaks like the Duggar parents don't allow their children to develop inner moral codes. Some may choose conscience irregardless but it is obvious Josh DID NOT.

The FLSD seemed to breed many mini-sociopaths and this seems to be true of ATI as well. The conscience is gone. Josh's is toast already which worries me for his daughters. Anna is wasting her time. At this point, since he got caught he will say the right words and act contrite, but chances are it will happen again. She has bet on the wrong horse.

 I think it's pathetic and sad she could be doing the "stand by your man" nonsense when he has cheated on her it seems more then once. If she keeps having babies with a man who has absolutely no job prospects, and has no loyalty to her and can give her a STD, she is an idiot.

 You ever notice this about all celebrities and politicians how the women all stand by the men? Even Hillary though that was most likely a sham marriage and "open marriage" at that stuck by Bill Clinton as he womanized his way across America. Funny how feminists never question that. She's an icon of female empowerment? Give me a break.

I think Anna should leave. Even biblically Jesus made the provision that unfaithfulness can be a cause for divorce. I never have been cheated on, but I would not stay if a man ever cheated on me. This is everyone's personal choice but if she stays this will show absolutely no self respect. She needs to protect her children from Josh too given his history.

Why does she want to stay with a cheat and a pedophile who shows extraordinary personality disorders?  She may be afraid financially and because she was raised in the Bill Gothard/ATI cult where women are not allowed an education or ability to take care of themselves she is more at risk. Jana Duggar it seems will live at home forever as her mother's babysitter and maid. It is sad to watch these people never think for themselves but that is what cults do to people. The men are in charge and do whatever they want and get away with what they want. Considering what Josh Duggar did to his sisters, I think the whole family needs investigated and there are probably other pedophiles in the family, Josh learned it from somewhere.

I am praying for Anna, that she gets away from cultic brainwashing narcissists and sociopaths and saves herself and her children. Sadly right now this doesn't look like this is going to happen. She is not to blame, he and his miserable parents are.  Narcissism and sociopathy in Christian and other religious circles is rife. Many put on religion as a "covering" for all sorts of deeds. The spiritual abusers surrounding her will tell her to "blame herself" for Josh's straying and that it is her "duty" to put up with it.

 Even reading Josh's phony apologies where he blathers on about God and Jesus, makes me sick. He doesn't have any relationship with God in my opinion. I think he is a product of his upbringing. His upbringing with it's phony religiosity and extreme sexual and intellectual repression made him into who he is. Sociopathy was formed because of instead of integrating "right" and "wrong" in his own personality and forming his own conscience, his parents with their endless rules and control, taught him to put on appearances, and lie and appear as "good". This is one reason he had no empathy for his sisters and abused them sexually, not holding to any boundaries. They were just objects in his conscience-less mind. He shows major signs of sexual abuse too. This goes beyond the Duggar's holding to Michael Pearl's abusive methods and blanket training.

 Josh joins the long list of sexually perverted TV-evangelists and is the Jimmy Swaggart of his generation.


  1. Dear Peeps, these holier-than-thous are atheist-makers - have read several eximonies from people who grew up in similar cults. For a long time, i steered way clear of Christ, and His people, because i equated following the Lord as a lifestyle of dour looks, no joy, and rules by the zillions.

    1. They would not put real Christians on our TVs. These are the sold out types behind the scenes. I believe there will be more scandals to come, and as the years progress they will sink into degeneracy never seen before. They definitely are atheist-makers. My faith is having to be maintained on God alone, because the "Christian" world and lets say "culture" is beyond nauseating. Of course I do not consider it Christian at all. I steered clear of being a Christian too, thinking I never would be perfect "enough" and the zillions of rules, and control freak people. I had to read the Bible for myself to see what it said and what Jesus taught. Depending on the preachers and famous "Christians" we'd all be in the ditch without God's help.

  2. YeAah, Peep, I did not know about these people. but i WAS GOING TO vote republican for president?ever since fox news went ballistic against abortion, and even birth control, i ditched the republicans; THEY ARE CRAZY!!(THESE GUYS YOU TALK ABOUT AREN'T REAL cHRISTIANS, I AGREE, THEY ARE EXTREME-CRAZIES, like Satan worshipers. they are really mad!! Trump is no good,the republicans want to diss old people, diss our soc. src. and medicare, who needs them?(i'm going to AARP SITE, FORUM, to see how those seniors feel too) thanks for the article!!!--DB

    1. I am long ago done with the Republican party. Who does someone like me vote for? The Libertarians want to throw the disabled in the gutter social Darwinism style, and well you know my objections to the Democratic party. The Republicans must want me dead with desiring to cut everything that keeps disabled and elderly people alive. Obama continued with all of Bushs wars and signed the NDAA. Yes they are not real Christians they are crazies. I may write more about some of the crazy stuff. Trump I think is a temporary puppet til they bring the real one in. Yes the Republican party sucks.