Sunday, August 9, 2015

Their Water Smelled Like Rotten Eggs

I had a weird memory the other day, how my grandmother's water smelled like rotten eggs.

Why didn't they ever test the water or do anything about it? Maybe they did, but I knew nothing about it.

She had money to do so especially later in life. On visits, I would bring my own bottled water as soon as I was old enough, but you could smell the unusual smell in the food, and when you took a shower at her house. It was strong and smelled just like eggs gone bad.

My N grandmother, NM, Uncle Narcissist would all act like it was no big deal. I remember my brother crying that he didn't want to drink the nasty tasting and smelling water or maybe it was me. Kool-Aid didn't touch that stuff. As soon as my grandmother turned on the faucet the smell would float through the house. My Uncle Lost Boy and his wife and three adult children [all in their mid-20s] live in that house and I wonder if they have done anything about the water. I remember it stinking from the 1970s to the last day I visited her house in 2005.

Someone posted on this subject on another message board which brought this memory up to me. Did that stinky water lower IQs? Did it bring cancer? Did it mess up their minds even more?

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

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