Monday, March 7, 2016

Hipsters Drive Me Crazy Too

  The 10 Commandments Of Hipsterdom (How To Succeed In Your Friendly Neighborhood 

 It looks like the Ramen Noodle Nation blogger has run into some of the same annoying hipsters I have.  This reminds me of a joke I have with husband where I say they get some humans from the warehouse and put them on the street corners, because they all dress, look, talk the same. They all follow the same brain dead trends and listen to the same bad music. Demographics by design!

Hipsters have destroyed the art world and made restaurants more expensive as they all claim they got "local" ingredients while charging you 10 dollars for a turkey sandwich. Hey pretentious hipsters have been around since the 50s in differing forms, even in the 1990s, the monied "creative class" got on my nerves.

Today's beatniks with their wealth and conformist opinions make me want to throw up. Narcissism has definitely impacted the hipster world which is all about being seen, and selling yourself with selfies and stylized hair and glasses to boot.

 Being fat keeps you automatically out of the hipster world unless you got cash for 400 dollar Baby Doll dresses, cat eye glasses, leather boots and a healthy mid-sized body.

  "5. Always stay clinically detached from the action. Parse your emotions. Don't admit to having any feelings, especially for others. That's a waste of your time. (For further reference, study Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers -- either the original or the remake will do fine.) Caring deeply about something isn't to your advantage...because somebody else might get the upper hand on you. You're an aloof, cool and nonchalant member of the Hipster Narcissist Cartel. Your job goes on 24 hours a day, so act the part."


  1. Remember the kennel ration dog food commercial?
    I look dumber than you look I look dumber than you. I look dumber and I'm more trendy cuz I look dumber than you.


  3. LOL at the dog song, My dogs better than your dog! I'm more trendy then you are!

    LOL at the skinny jeans, they are awful. Don't trust any guy who wears those.

  4. I think everything I see reminds of my grotesque mother. She used to dress just like Mary Tyler Moore with Capri pants and double knit sweaters. For awhile in the 60's she wore a blond wig and she is a brunette. Sort of a trashy Nancy "These boots are made for walking" Sinatra. She would drag me and sis out like that and if you ever want to make a case for assisted suicide we would have been exhibits A and B

    1. Oh wow, for some reason I picture her dressing conservatively like a woman out of Mad Men, guess I got that wrong. The blonde wig is tacky. It had to be absolutely embarrassing. My mother dressed pretty blasé, more mannish then anything though there were a few dresses. Too many polo shirts and jean capris.

  5. One of my sisters friends danced with her and he said she tried to lead and it was like dancing with a man. She tried to show me some steps and I waited for her to get me into a head lock.

  6. Over night I heard the perfect way to illustrate trendy versus not trendy.
    Trendy is Kim Kardashian tweeting a nude picture of herself. Normal is Bette Midler tweeting that if she wants us to see something from Kim we've never seen before, she'll have to swallow the whole camera.