Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Third World Guilt-Tripping

Hmm "Falling Down", anyone remember that movie? My husband has lived that tale as far as the job losses went. Of course in that movie, the guy goes nuts and go on a crime spree through Los Angeles. He is disaffected and thrown away by his wife, and society. This is a story that played out millions of times after that movie was aired. Sadly this movie had some bad messages in it, with a divide and conquer message in it. Maybe this is a favorite movie of today's Trump voters. Trump sent the jobs overseas too which they ignore.

Even if our car dies and I have to hitchhike to go anywhere, I will keep the rent paid with two-thirds of my disability check. I'm tired of this feeling of deer in the headlights feeling all the narcissists took advantage of for so long. Maybe we will be able to dig ourselves out again if the car engine only needs a minor repair, but it get's exhausting.  I found out our local shelter is full and also has plenty of bed bugs, and denied two local newly homeless people a place to sleep, but life in America is great isn't it? We are all supposed to be happy as larks to be born in such a wonderful, great and wealthy country? Right? Oh I guess I'm the crazy one.

                              Problems for rich suburbanites but not for a lot of America

Hearing rich people sneer about "first world problems" got on my nerves long ago. I'm sick of those third world guilt trippers, who tell me that I  and others "have it so good" in America.  Most of them go on their expensive church or other vacations worth thousands of dollars alone for the air fare to "serve" various impoverished nations and do so with an air of smugness and treating other human beings like charity projects and pets.

They have been brainwashed by false pastors and other cultural pundits to hate and disdain their own poor countrymen. Otherwise why are the religious ones hobnobbing around the entire globe instead of helping plenty of the poor who live right in their own towns? While I live in a decent apartment, I can't really afford, there's shacks right outside of the local discount store, there's falling down houses with broken windows and trash in the yard on the 'bad" side of the river.  I don't mind some real missionary work but it makes you wonder when every middle class and above church in town goes several thousands of miles overseas instead of helping people right in their own back yard. Am I the only one even seeing these people or seeing that they exist?

 I remember I made this one pastor angry at a local Baptist church I visited, when he told us he went to Jamaica every year with the youth group. I said, "Aren't there enough poor people around here to help?" He was mad. That was a rich church where you heard about all their overseas trips constantly. Another pastor at a reformed church I went to go see a community video at, had endless blown up "vacation photos" of Nicaragua all up and down the hall way from the church sanctuary to the bathrooms. I notice they never go anywhere cold, or boring to go preach the gospel, let's say like Siberia or Iceland, there's always a beach very close by the place and plenty of pineapples to eat.

Many do seem to see third world people as their "pets" and unload "pity" on them like all third world people would even like to live like brainwashed, over-pressurized Americans with their 80 hour work-weeks, gadgets and mind slavery.  In some cases, they patronize them as "noble savages" and who are "closer to the earth" and other New Age nonsense.  Some Americans are very naive about the world thinking that other cultures and societies are run like Western societies.

                                         "Plan for a New American Century democracy"

 Even all the nonsense however about selling "democracy" worldwide with neo-con wars became a joke, as freedom grew in far shorter supply at home.  So even the right wingers were guilty of that garbage! What "democracy?" Is life in America the best? They always tell us that. Maybe it used to be "better". This idea that life in all other countries is total hell compared to this place seems to be a myth they sell us.

Sure there are many bad places, I am not interested in taking a vacation to Haiti, or hanging out in Saudi Arabia, or other nations where there has been war or natural disasters or famine. Cable TV and a CPAP machine aren't going to be possibilities in some nations.  Those are realities of life but there is one weird thing in America where they seem to tell young people here, that America is so superior and like all third world people and "developing" nation people live in shacks. A visit to Google Earth will tell you that is a false hood. I even found African forums where they pictured African cities [not South Africa], and it changed my view of the place. They had cell phones, cafe's and skyscrapers. The American lens of the world is one formed by much propaganda. If one reads enough articles that tell the truth about life in America, when compared to Western nations alone this place is way at the back of the line when it comes to social safety nets and other benefits.

                                                                          The Heritage foundation wants you walking 10 miles to your minimum wage job each way

The globalism of our elites is something that has been infused through out society. There's no more loyalty to their own country. They see the world as their oyster and now you see this among some groups of wealthier people in America. There is a really creepy attitude among the middle class and above of America where poor Americans are told they are "losers" and "failed" in a system that is supposedly "fair" and a "meritocracy"

We are told over and over from right through the left, that the poor in America live far better then the rest of the world and often any complaining poor people in America are shamed, and told to be silent and well, "you don't have it as bad as that other country or the third world."  They have been trained to have no empathy for poor Americans of all races, and because poor Americans may have access to a bit more food and running water,  they tell them they need to shut up even if they live in a dangerous place full of gangs where they risk getting their head shot off just by walking out the door or are unable to get medical care.  The Heritage Foundation which wants more money to go overseas will do articles on how the American poor are spoiled for having refrigerators and microwaves. I guess our poor are supposed to start building fires out in parking lots to cook their beans, and to go shopping every day which costs more money. I lived without a refrigerator for about two months in Chicago and it was NOT fun. With no public transportation in many areas, how are the poor supposed to get all those lauded Republican jobs they can pluck off trees?

These types ignore our worsening ghettos and dying rural areas full of extremely poor people living in shacks. An entire park in my old town was full of homeless people who lived incognito. Even when I have told them I lived in extreme poverty years ago, it's almost like they don't believe it. This is because the poor in America are hidden now.

These are the type of people who rolled their eyes at me when I was in the most severe poverty of my life. I know my fat body brought more prejudice instead of appearing as a woeful thin waif. They told me things like, "You have it better then those in the third world" and one told me "At least you have that package of ramen noodles for lunch, in the third world, an entire family of 4 would have to share that entire package of ramen noodles."  It's always the Poverty Olympics and the American poor always lose because richer Americans have been taught not to have empathy for their own country men.

Political correctness almost demands that the American be self-flagellating and apologetic just for existing and if poor even more so.  Some of this stuff, to be frank is probably about getting Americans to accept their dying economy out of guilt.  The decline of America is hidden and accepted all at the same time while the elites clean out the tills. Endless false guilt over poverty in the world makes for more acceptable and worsening poverty here. The churches outside of a few, are far less interested in helping people in their own back yard and do seminars on "living the best life now" and bringing in people like David Ramsey where expendable income is a given.

I don't see the globalists as a "friend" to third world nations. If anything third world farmers and people are in a lot more trouble when American or other mega-corporations come in with their "terminator seeds" and Monsanto foods.  Nations end up under the yoke of UN NGOs, mega-corporations and Monsanto under the guise of "humanitarian missions". Even on this blog, I have shown articles where it showed in all "developing nations" where they let in American fast food, people started fattening up right away when before they ate and lived like normal. Is that due to laziness? New sloth? Or is there something wrong with the food?

I actually lived with filthy water and having my butt kicked just to go out into my local neighborhood just at the wrong time of the day. Gun shots would ring out from the down the street. People who think American life is a blur of going to the mall, nice corporate jobs and getting their nails done need to get a clue. Life is not like that for many Americans. I think many live in a bubble where they ignore what they see right around them. Maybe that's why so many think the economy is just fine with multitudes of empty store fronts all over the place. This is the same people who do lectures about how life is so tough in the third world and who have shamed me for daring to speak out for better.

Life is getting harder and harder in America. Yesterday while in my Flexitouch, I read this article about some Syrian refugees coming here in New York Times magazine and one thing that stood out, is they were talking about how expensive everything was here and how survival was so tough. They seemed immensely shocked and surprised. Well the American propaganda goes out to the rest of the world where the streets of gold are found to be streets of iron.  The man's son even said in the article he was going to stay in Europe because survival was so hard on the rest of the family in America. Many immigrants are not told how life really is here in America. People are given the fantasy propaganda lies. Life in America has got much harder. While life in Syria is really bad now since the neo-cons never let up on their war-making and got their Plan For a New American Century war, I've met other immigrants personally who came here and saw the American dream was a lie.

My immigrant in-laws died destitute. Life for them probably would have been better if they had stayed put. My MIL became ill young so that ended their chances here. I also met people in Chicago because I lived in a very poor neighborhood full of people just off the boat. One Taxi driver actually said to me direct, "I got gypped, I never expected life here to be so hard, this is the land of false promises." and this was way back in the 1990s. That particular man was from a "third world" island. he told me he regretted coming here.

Things I have heard from immigrants is that:

1. America is violent
2. It is really expensive and one can barely make a living.
3. All Americans do is work and they are not very social and don't enjoy life. One lady I met who came to America from Portugal told me she cried and cried for months because people were so cold in America.

So is life so bad in the third world? I do believe I could have been a happier person born into a third world nation as long it was one where water was available and not at war or famine. There were problems with my upbringing where I was not prepared at all for how the world really worked. Maybe life would have been simpler and my health would have been better not destroyed by toxins and less poisoning by GMOs and with the high degree of stress. Obviously severe obesity is a worse American problem, one simply does not see the degree of obesity that America has in other nations. Even if I still had Lipedema, I probably would have not advanced to such a severe stage.

There would be less autoimmune disease, expectations, pressure and stress in a society that was so competitive which really did not fit my personality. I would be allowed to be a human being and treated as an equal among my other poor peers or even if I was poor and oppressed would have other poor people around me who were in the same boat. [The silencing and isolation of the poor in American society is it's own problem]. I could even still have a family though narcissism and evil is a worldwide problem, depending on the culture I could have been ostracized over. People in third world nations often have more skills to live off the land, hunt and to fish and to take care of themselves. While some suffer like being forced to live in slavery or living in a factory dorm in China, there is usually more community. Many peoples of the world get to enjoy having a culture and a heritage too.

 Sure nations at war, and with extreme violence exist who suffer immensely, but America is not the easiest nation to live in anymore. Some even believe that America is now slipping into a third world status economically.

Don't get me wrong, I believe there were many goods things about America. There was some idea of justice and helping the poor and disabled years ago where they re busy chipping away at it all. Anyone who believes that either is enjoying life in the upper middle class and above or doesn't realize what some of their fellow country-men are suffering. Americans have been so brainwashed by the message that America is the RICHEST nation in the world and the BEST, 'rah-rah' USA jingoism, they haven't even paid attention to how life quality in the "greatest nation in earth has sunk like a rock!

 They have done studies showing that life is happier elsewhere.

"Citizens of poor countries are the happiest in the world. 

Gallup discovered that citizens of the poorest countries were the happiest. The list of the happiest countries was topped by El Salvador, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Trinidad and Tobago. What is the secret of Hispanic happiness?

People were asked five questions, all about the ways they spent the previous day. They were asked whether they felt joy, whether they felt rested, and how often they laughed and smiled. In addition, the researchers asked whether their interviewees felt respected by their peers, as well as whether they learned something new the day before.

According to Gallup, the happiest people were the citizens of El Salvador, Panama and Paraguay. The top ten included 7 countries in Latin America - in addition to the above, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Russia, however, did not even make it to the top one hundred of the happiest countries, occupying one of the lowest spots (along with Iran and Algeria).

The US came 33rd, tied with Chile, China, Sweden and Swaziland. Canada, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark, meanwhile, all cracked the top 20.

Third world nations are happier then USA.

 So the people who do the third world guilt trips on me, well it doesn't work anymore. 

This one was kind of shocking...

Income Inequality Is Worse in America Than in Most of Africa
No less an authority than the CIA World Factbookdeclares that income inequality is more severe in the U.S. than it is nearly everywhere in West Africa, North Africa, and Asia.


  1. The guy goes nuts and go on a crime spree through Los Angeles. TEMPTING! TEMPTING! Make it Dallas and I'll see you there.

    1. LOL I'm surprised more haven't lost it like that frankly, which is good, I don't want madmen running through the streets, but I think many in America are emotionally cracking up inside from the slew of false promises.

  2. At my house we have needy teenagers who want money and if you toss them your debit card they want you to drive to the ATM. Not you and them they want you to go and come back and hand them the cash.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I would be saying, "you got to be kidding..." That's kind of lazy, they want the money they need to go get it.

  3. The third world may have it hard but it doesn't give cause to invalidate someone here over their own feelings about how we have to live. Some people may get good jobs here, but many don't either. I know of some third world women buying relationship programs shhh. They are single, educated, good careers. They revere their mom. Maybe not all are like that, but I tend to think they are all poor because of what I hear sometimes.

    But as far as invalidating our feelings over something as simple as not wanting to eat ramen noodles all the time, lacks any regards for another's feelings. I'd be suspicious of these people. Real people want to be present with you.

    1. I agree, it stinks being invalidated this way. Some win the immigrant roulette, some work hard and succeed and have family help and some lose it. You don't hear about the ones who lose like my in-laws. Hmm about the relationship programs. Yeah things are getting weird out there. Eating ramen noodles too often is not a good health plan. I don't mind high quality ones but the cheap ones, kind of make my stomach hurt now and always seem to jack up my sugars even if I limit the portion of them.

  4. I would give a million bucks to see the comment you pulled. They are lean mean tweeting machines, but if they could charge you for the dumb look they give by asking them which day is trash day I would be dead broke.

    1. I wrote something snotty, LOL, like "What in the hell are you thinking? It's good I never had teenagers. They'd probably be bawling in this household having to wear thrift clothes and using the landline.

  5. Dear Peeps and Friends, third-world-guilt-trippers...oh brother ;/ another group who won't mind their own business. These types travel abroad, and the locals don't like Americans? Oh gee, godda wonder why!

    1. Imagine a bunch of do-gooders and busy-bodies bringing corporations and other businesses to close down your small family business and UN workers to mess up the place and threaten your women.


  6. Next time when narcs guilt trip me with their stupid third world analogy, I will talk back to them by saying, "Why don't you share a bag of Nissan top ramen with three other people and share one bedroom with five other people? If they said, "I don't need to do it. It is for you. I have money and you don't. Grow up! Get a life!" I will tell them that they are not good people and walk out. I have a history of telling me off so my local people know better than to mess with me. In some neighborhoods in my area, people know better than to mess with me with narc shit. Hope someday people will refrain from messing with you.

    My adopted narc mother used to guilt trip about third world people, and people who could not walk, see, move their arms, lost their limbs, or could not function. She had steady employment and income until she lost her job at age 45. She never worked steadily again but owned a store with her mother. She still guilt tripped me and my adopted siblings. I did not see her for 26 years.

    1. Good idea. They can go live where I have before and go bawl their eyes out by the second night. Often these are things they expect us to do, but they themselves would never put up with but we are supposed to be martyrs to the global poverty cause or something. I am glad you stand up for yourself. I know I have to be careful about not doing so fast enough and wanting to be "liked", it gets me in too much trouble. I need to act quicker on the uptake. Yes I have had the disability Olympics given to me too, 'at least you can walk [some] and see". Well they can't say at least you can hear because my hearing is basically almost completely shot. They have told me "at least you have your brain". I'm back from sitting up 2 hours to do taxes with husband with Vista volunteers and feel like I can barely move and pain most people would cry from. I don't want to hear about thin third world people who can walk 5 miles to get water. I wouldn't last two seconds. Yes some who do well love to guilt others, interesting her mother was helpful to her in a store partnership. Yes I am tired of false guilt. The Fix-Its usually unload that on a plenty. It's a control mechanism for them. I am not the world whisperer.

    2. Oh I do feel empathy for the water-walkers. LOL just in pain right now...I thought later that sounded kind of fleaish, hope people know what I mean....:P

  7. Be thankful you even HAVE a body. I'm a disembodied brain in a jar of formaldehyde, and you don't hear me complaining! And not as a result of having no larynx or mouth—sure, I'd love to have those luxuries, but you can live without them. In fact, I'm releasing my eighth motivational book next month, 'I Never Promised You a Skeletal Structure.'

    1. LOLOLOLOL! Yeah, I'm surprised I haven't heard that one yet!