Saturday, March 26, 2016

Obesity Lies Are Destroying Fat People

This one may anger some size acceptance supporters. While I am against discrimination against fat people I never have been a "fat celebrator". Something is very wrong with so many of us Americans growing so fat, and I stand by my conjecture that the truth is being ignored. The obesity lies rule.

Just like in politics where's there is only two non-choices between the Democrat and Republican parties which both advance tyranny and corporate rule, in the obesity world, we have the diet queens and kings, [aka Fat Logic crowd]  who will tell us it is all a choice, while some of the other side gives us HAES, and tells us we need to "accept and love" being fat.  All I know is being fat sucks. Saying being fat sucks breaks the size acceptance code. Yeah I know it does but there is a place called reality.

I never liked being fat and hate it. I mean this is not a secret on this blog. This has nothing to do with thinking I am ugly. It has everything to do with the sheer mechanics of it all. For me it is not a choice. It causes me pain. When I "exercise" and I do have a rule to take a walk everyday, it means pain, and going off in autopilot just to keep moving and functioning.  Being fat has cost me a lot! I'm never going to sing the joys of fat along with Marilyn Wann. Socio-economically Marilyn Wann never had to worry about stretching a little disability check either.  I will never forget the conversation I had on her forum years and years ago when I was at my peak weight and dying, and given the "size acceptance lines" instead of any empathy. These midsized women can walk, can function, they do not live in my world. Saying you hate being fat and admitting these feelings is not kosher in some areas of the size acceptance world.

This doesn't mean I bow at the feet of the diet industrial complex. Their answers don't work either. Their adherence to CICO like a religion disgusts me. CICO is an absolute joke to me. Some may say "Oh you are an outliner" with your rare fat disorder, but I think it's failing everyone.  I am tired of being called a liar and given a fantasy that does not work. They have their "false religious doctrines" too. They have failed me and millions of others. Diets are like mystery jokes to me. They do not work. I believe even trying to diet severely worsened my diabetes in 2014. I have shrinked down my food even more to control my diabetes and it's been cut down financially and still "nothing". Exercise while I have to do it, just bring more pain and fluids to take off.  In the case of insulin-dependent diabetes, there is no free eating, no pig out a thons if you don't want to die. I had to up the insulin 5 units to stay in the 110-120s for fasting blood sugars.

                                       Why are so many people getting so fat and sick? And why is it to be "accepted" and not fought with "answers" that work?

Given this painful life that has been ruined by fat or  in my case, a rare fat disorder and I still want to pursue an official Dercums diagnosis [one main expert on Lipedema says if you are advanced enough in stage IV, it means Dercums] I don't have much patience with what I see the "normalization" of fat in American society. Just like in politics we are given too non-choices, submit to the diet industrial dreams that don't work for most fat people, or stay fat and be told we have to like it, and "accept it"--the promotion of fat. The two work along aside one another. Sometimes I ask why aren't more fat people like me demanding answers? We are suffering and dying younger. Tight faced grins loving our fat isn't working and the diets are failing. Why am I so alone in this? Why do so few people ask the same questions? 

I guess this is why even the Lipedema world seems hung up on diets, diets, diets to lose "non-Lipedema" fat and specialized liposuction to suck the fluids and fat off still focusing on the fat and on the other hand preaching size acceptance.  Supposedly all these diets from Paleo to Vegan are supposed to rescue me from the ravages of severe Lipedema. How about I'm tired of being fat and get these fluids off me and get my body burning food and working the right way? They work to cure other diseases why not this "rare fat disorder"? There's more to this then the fat, there's the pain, the fat tumors, the fluids, the hormonal imbalances. Wake up people!

Fat people are sliding through the cracks. Being this old, I know people are getting fatter and sicker all over the place. Why is there this acceptance of people getting more fat and sicker, and this being seen as a 'good thing' on one side, and the other side just wants to tell us, it's all our fault, you're not eating and exercising the exact right way! They say "Make changes, and you will be thin", and it's not working!" So we stay fat and we get sicker and are judged and told we are "failing" and one side hates us and thinks we are fat and "lazy losers" and the other side says "Smile, be happy to be fat!" , "Be Fat and Be Proud!","You are a beautiful goddess!" where we have to wear a smile for the rest of the world. "I'm the brave, happy fat woman! I'm an inspiration". Honestly,  I'm sick of it all!

                                                  Sure shame sucks, but as her body grows larger and larger doesn't she want more answers?

There's times I am so angry, I don't even know how to explain it dealing with this garbage.  I am tired of being told I have "control" over this body or that it was my choice and on the other hand being told to "suck it up", "this is your lot" and "you must accept it" is crap too. I spent 17 years of my life trying to get diagnosed with my Lipedema and I almost died several times of sepsis, basically at one point watching a leg almost rot off and my stomach and yes there was the taint of the sweet smell of gangrene around it all. I spent my 20s and 30s constantly in the hospital being told this was "my fault". I know some people read this blog thinking I am a crazy woman, but why don't I get in line and join size acceptance and "be happy to be fat" or shut up and go on some diet and "lose weight". Well the diets don't work and aren't working and I'm fighting all the time not to gain and to be able to walk at all and I lost 180lbs years ago which kept me alive but am still super-fat and while I will stand against fat discrimination, I wonder where my heroes are. Why am I the only one out there saying FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!! instead of ACCEPT IT?

Obesity past a certain point causes health problems, and what I am seeing is the two non-answers united together. As sick as I am, I don't mind when people say things like "no body shame", I don't want to be shamed and blamed anymore but something seems weird with Whitney sitting there wearing that shirt. Obviously she has to know being fat is ruining her life as an dancer. In her case she has PCOS, but maybe some demands for better treatment would serve women with PCOS better then doing the "The Don't Shame Me" Size acceptance dance". She is still at a functional weight but very close to a weight where she could easily tip over into disability. As she ages, her body will be in for some hurt. This is not to put her down but it is reality. We need more reality and truth when it comes to obesity. Authoritarian demands that don't work paired with focusing on the "feelings" as people's bodies break down isn't cutting it. Pushing denial as if fat was a comfortable state to be in, especially in higher weights just betrays people like me.

                                        How many healthy 500lb people do you know? This applies to the midsized but not to people like me.

Fat people have dealt with enough of that, but what about the question, "Why are we growing so fat?" "Why are our bodies growing more huge and the proscribed diets and lifestyles failing?"  Why is the automatic answer to the diet industrial failures-- "put up with our breaking down bodies without demanding real answers?"

 I believe we are being fattened up and while some can argue it's by design, where some would shout "Be quiet you tin-hatters!", it can be mere human malfeasance, stupidity, greed and the outcome of the growing toxins of modern day life. All I know is the push to NORMALIZE fat bothers me especially as people grow larger and sicker, it worries me. It's like we are all going to be squashed to death between the fat celebrators and the fat diet industrial myth makers. There's a lot being ignored in our industrial society except by a few researchers. When I found out years ago they fattened up cattle by giving them antibiotics, I thought what about human beings?

                                           Ever notice size 22 is okay but cross the size 26 Rubicon and there's no more clothes to be bought in stores?

So between the "normalization" and "acceptance"."promotion" of fat and the diet lies, I have felt squashed.  HAES to me meant a death sentence and "acceptance" of a body that almost led to my death by my late 20s. The diet industrial complex has failed me too.

Some questions:

1. Do you think people in the 1950s had to starve, diet, and sweat over every lettuce leaf to be a "normal weight?" They just lived and their body worked. As I have written before, take a look at old pictures of crowds, fat people are rare even "average" people are far smaller and more slight. Do you believe the mind control antics now that tell us the thin are all thin because they diet and exercise and never eat anything "bad" and are all thin because they are more moral and "harder-working" people? Remember while there was weight lifting gyms in the 50s, this was prior to the days of Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda and aerobics clubs. The whole world is getting more fat.  Soon almost our entire population will be fat. Almost half now classify as obese:

2. Have you ever wondered why there are so many fat people now where people in the 300s are "normal"? Back in the old days, even 300 used to be rare. You were told you were on death's door. Now 300 is considered a "small-fat". I remember being 230lbs and being treated like I was a giant and now 230 is "near normal" and barely anyone blinks an eye at it.  Have you ever asked yourself why people are growing so huge and what in the hell is wrong? Remember if you are new to this blog, I am a woman that reached near 700lbs and am now around 500. When I go out in public, I see fat people all over the place, there's still plenty of thin ones, but at least half are "fat" fat. This is unprecendented in human history.

3. Did everyone wake up one day and decide to be lazy? People still have to clean their houses, go to work, walk in large stores and walk to do other things. People had cars in the 1950s and some labor saving devices. Some buy the lie that people of our modern era are lazy and don't want to do anything and that is why everyone has grown fatter. Before I had my massive weight gain, I loved to walk for miles. I never was home. I was ACTIVE.  There is less leisure but more people are working. Much of our fattening working class are forced to work on their feet in factories and other manual labor jobs. I got fat even working at a residential counselor job that required hours on my feet, walking around, shopping, cleaning and driving clients around to various appointments and home visits. One thing I have noticed is even the working class people who work on their feet, sweeping the factory floors or cleaning up houses still are fatter then the thinner upper classes.

4. Do you think I have the right to be angry? That I am being lied to? That fat people should demand real answers instead of nothing but lies and fantasy? I'm not losing weight on less food and I'm in pain today from walking a lot the last two days.  What else am I supposed to do?  There's aspects of the fat acceptance movement I agree with, but as people know here I have spoken out against a lot of the false ideology too. Too much of the size acceptance world with it's "healthy" midsized people, lies to me just as much as the diet mongers who tell me if I eat "the right way" that my body will change into a more normal body. Fat people deserve better and I am sick of it.


  1. I think these people are trying to enforce their views and value system on you. My adopted narc mother tried to do that to me a lot. There had been narcs in my life who tried to do the same to me too.

    These members of fat groups, the diet dreamers who would eat GMO-laced diet foods and the militant suck it up type who would say "accept being fat, accept your lots in life, change your views and attitude." Because you do not like what they say or believe in, you were kicked to the curb.

    I dealt with two groups who said something to similar effect, colored people who want me to marry someone who is the same color as my own, and people in the DEAF culture who want me to be isolated in the DEAF culture exclusively, meaning I would not go to schools or colleges with hearing people. I had problems with these two militant groups, but my adopted narc mother and other narcs like them. Over the time, you will notice that narcs got into mix with these two polar opposite groups that shouldn't help fat people. You should find many narcs, super thin people who were never fat or midsized, I mean who were skinny enough that they never got referral or pressure to get an evil, Nazified "obesity counseling" program with hateful, fat-blaming doctors and dieticians who would write you off if you don't comply with their narcish demands. Stay away from these programs and groups. I hope you will find other fat and midsized people who feel the same as you do.

    I had my fill with some narcish demands from militant DEAF people and colored people. I hope as you reread this blog, you will notice that you have been dealing with narcs, some enablers, some followers as well as some people who are trying to solve their problems. We are warning people against poisonous food, soap, and household items that are fattening people up. Now, it is up to them whether they will check on articles online and work on their problems.

    I think fat people who are fed up with some hateful, Nazified obesity counseling program should fight against it as we fought against the DARK Act until it was defeated.

    Sorry you are a lone wolf for now. Hope you will find somebody who feel the same as you do and will join you in fighting against similar issues as you do

    1. I feel like they are trying to enforce their views and value systems on me too. In size acceptance I never fit in even being a Christian and embracing all the political correctness and what I refer to as "identity politics".

      I think I am going to probably distant myself from fat and health groups that ignore my experiences and tell me to starve myself or that the perfect "diet" will fix my life or that I have to "accept" being super-fat and not demand better answers. I have noticed these places just make me upset. I have noticed that the insecurity of fat women seems to bring out the Starvation Olympics, where one brags to another how little they ate that day. I almost put that up as a comment on one board but then thought, that probably will get me banned. One main leader is always bragging about how little bit she eats.

      It wearies me. Should I feel guilty for eating half a cut cucumber and small tomato for lunch with a sandwich? That is what those kind of people do to your mind. One told me I was weird to feel so much hunger pain to want to eat every 5-6 hours. Even my nutritionist told me to eat every 4.

      The diet-dreamers are imposing their values and then some on me. I try to tell them my body does not function that way and starvation makes me ill and they then talk to me like I am "crazy" or an "extreme outliner" because I cannot adhere to severe diets and starvation plans. Think keto where they eat nothing all day and not one carb or no foods all day but 100-200 calories.


    2. Then on the other side, I got the militant "love your fat" folks, when my fat is killing me, and I am in pain, and scared of gaining weight at ever moment, and having to live a regimented life to even keep the diabetes in check. They ignore even my socio-economic realities from being ultra obese, which means no career and living on an extremely small disability check and the resultant pain and other problems. Yes I am being kicked to the curb and ostracized for what I believe.

      One thing notice something about this blog? How there are barely any fat people commenting on fat related articles? There's a few but I have been ostracized in the size acceptance community and I can feel it in the Lipedema community too because I protested why is the focus on plastic surgery and extensive diet of "non-lipedema fat" when some of us have had our bodies physically altered from this disease and suffering many hormonal imbalances and other problems. My local medical professionals are decent so I am addressing wider trends and what is promoted on Facebook themed health boards. I think it is time to distance myself and part of me wonders if this is more about agendas to keep fat people from asking too many questions. I stayed alive because I asked questions and refused to accept being 700lbs and demanded help and diagnosis. WHY would I deviate off that path now?

      I am noticing many of the diet people lecturing me are very very thin Lipedemics. I was banned off a board over the opinions of a woman who was extremely slender in all her photos. Obviously these are not people who are dealing with the issues of a high stage Lipedemic disease and are most likely very low stage where the disease was discovered very early. They are active and have careers and money. They do not relate to me. I need to realize where I am not welcomed. I think it is a bad idea for me to be on boards where I am shamed for eating anything even following the directions of a nutritionist. Some of the Starvation Olympics stuff I cannot tolerate.

      Thanks for telling me about what you have dealt with in two communities. I am hearing impaired enough to have seen some of the controversies in the Deaf community and the demands there for "deaf culture" where they want people to stick to signing. If I go completely deaf because I was hearing as a young adult, that is a world I would be forever barred from.

      I wonder if some are very thin women lecturing fat ones, and I agree some have never faced false diet and other programs that abused or called them liars over failures in weight loss.

      On even the scientific board, they ignored my articles and other links about the environmental toxins fattening people up. These things are not welcomed in size acceptance either, they want fat to be loved and promoted. They see someone like myself who wants "obesity" solved in ways that work and are not harmful as a "traitor" to the fat promotion cause. I do not regret making my stands, there are times in life where one is alone standing by the truth. Thanks for your comments anon.

  2. People don't have any sympathy for health issues brought about by substance abuse. Even doctors are sympathetic after I tell them my story.

    1. Sorry you have faced that Q. I am glad you get better results with the doctors.

  3. I have heard that some deaf people don't let their kids get cochlear implants. That's pretty sad to have a permanent fix available and to deny it to your kids because you are willfully bias. I have often wondered what my mom would have done if she had kids that were not in the normal range of a given function. I mean she didn't want to take care of us and we had the normal demands a child gives a parent.

    1. Yeah I think that stinks, I mean it is limiting the poor kid so they can't join with the rest of the world. I think that is selfish. It is good thing your mother never had disabled kids Q, that would have been a nightmare for that poor child. Hopefully she would have adopted out a disabled kid or signed over parental rights.

  4. Fierce Fatties is gone not. Maybe Shannon wised up or died.

    1. A lot of the websites have gone defunct. I wish you weren't brainwashed by the "you can be thin if you just work at it" stuff. Fat people are choosing fat acceptance given two crappy choices, abuse and being told it's all under their control, or being told to "accept and celebrate their fat"--Kind of like the two crap presidential candidates and parties they expect us to choose between such as Hillary and Trump, the two wings of the same tyrannical bird. I have to admit I am disappointed with the herd mentality in size acceptance. I am not loved in all parts of that world for posting articles like this one.

  5. People used to be thin because everyone used to smoke. In Europe, everyone still smokes, so everyone is thin. I'm not saying it's right, it's just part of the equation that no one mentions for obvious reasons.

    1. Interesting...I always wondered if nicotine killed the appetite and this is why people took up smoking to begin with to stay thin. It was never an option for me with my lungs. I have known a few fat smokers but very few.

  6. My cat has gained a lot of weight and he is only a year old. I've had a few cats in my life and I have treated them all the same, and none has gotten fat but this one. I can't help but feel it is a genetic factor, he is just prone to being like this while the others were never that way.

    1. We had a fat cat when I was a teen, and it ate the same as the other cats, it's not like the cat was starting to cook in the kitchen and could operate the can opener himself.

    2. There is something where fat people are more vulnerable to whatever is going on and the thin ones have some kind of protection against it. Ugh my sugar was high this morning. So tired of that too. I am noticing a stress factor in the sugars.

    3. lol, cat cooking in the kitchen had me laughing. Mine hasn't taken over the kitchen yet, wish he would though. Sorry that your sugar is high. Stress can do all sorts of things to us. Our liver makes cholestrol, we don't necessarily have to eat cholesterol, I learned that. Our bodies will do what they will, lots of the time, this is out of our control.

    4. I think we need some cholesterol don't we or whatever it is made out of. I think too low fat can mess people up. Yeah the sugar is getting harder to control. I woke up breathing funny because it got cold in the bedroom--I had used my lung medicine the night before and I guess I was worried about my house call doctor calling and having a third appointment interfering with two tomorrow and the car repairs too. I have noticed the sugars always go up at the end of the month when there is less food. I mean that one boggles my mind. I'm actually eating more with the better sugars. :/ I didn't have any feasts or desserts for the holidays. Is eating two pieces of chicken and some rice and salad that bad? I wonder if it went so high because I had bad hunger pain before bed I ignored. I can't figure this body out.

    5. We need some cholesterol, it is a lipid that has to be in our bodies, but for some of us, we are making too much I guess. My doctor wants me to become a vegetarian, for I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, and I'm afraid of one day needing heart surgery. I mean, people in my family died of heart disease in their forties, and even just barely 30. My grandmother had seven kids then died with a baby on her breast. Barely out of her twenties.

      I guess blood sugars can get high, or go all over the place, depending on what we eat or whatever. Of course worries do not make it better. Its a challenge not to be worried all the time. I hope the car repairs go well, and the cost won't be too much or unmanageable.

      I think you are doing well with the eating, I was hungry before bed too, and I woke up at 4 am, for a big bowl of oatmeal. I eat lots of oatmeal these days. I might be looking up for some healthy recipes for oatmeal, live on oatmeal, then when I get my blood tested in 5 months I won't be so nervous, I worry when that day comes. No matter what I do, if my nerves are bad, my liver will be pumping out the cholesterol, and I'll be in need of heart surgery, ok I'll stop now. lol

    6. Wow that is some early deaths in your family. Do they have you on a cholesterol pill? Hope you do not need heart surgery. I have worried a bit, Ive been eating too many eggs, they are cheap, and filling and well, that is one thing I have to worry about and make myself not eat any for a few days since I had two this morning.

      Yes that is sad about your grandmother. The blood sugars just seem to go higher and higher, I do not feel hopeful about my diabetes. If I was one of those food addicted people like they show on TV, I would be long ago dead. I got a 124 fasting this morning which isn't too bad.

      I only allow myself to eat at night if it is such bad hunger pain I can't help it and then will do meat with no carbs or half a cup of cottage cheese. Of course I end up cooking way too late from fatigue and eating dinner at 9 or 10 always makes the fasting blood sugar higher. I hate the regimented life of diabetes, it's a pain, and with food always short in here and having to constantly cook to make anything "decent" it's a pain in the butt. The healthy food is always too expensive and vegetables disappear the fastest.

      Oatmeal should take down your cholesterol. Switch to all olive oil too, I need to limit the butter. I probably have gotten too happy with dairy and eggs this year because I had to spend 10-15 years not eating either. Eggs I had digestive problems from for years but I slowly reintroduced. Potatoes and other foods like fish have to remain gone, those are put me in the hospital foods. Lactase milk changed that.

      I can keep sugars lower with less carbs. My nerves are bad. I tell myself "Don't worry, Don't worry, but mere survival is too hard. The poverty crap has ruined so many things and the social isolation from it is killing me, just do not know what to do. I wish I could meet other poor disabled people who know what I face but most are still taken care of by their families or included in their lives.

      Hope you do not need heart surgery. Do olive oil and drink some cider vinegar watered down to cut any grease. Braggs is pretty good. Also lemon and lime water. I have been too laxadaisical about drinking lemon and lime water.

      I ate a pork chop for the first time in 5 years yesterday. I told husband that has to be a RARE food. It was meant for Sunday but decided to make chicken that night, so it would not go bad. I have so many food rules it's insane. Some people have heart troubles in my family like yours but my DNA connection to them seems dubious. There isn't even one diabetic in the mix. Do you have to get those angiograms done?

    7. I have to go for heart tests, like on a treadmill, I'm waiting for the phonecall. When I get nervous I get literally disabled. I have to tell them to book me on hubbys days off, I won't be able to get myself there, and the parking is complicated, so hard to think during those times. I might be spinning out on anxiety, I've been diagnosed with PTSD, and the doctor knows this, so this is good hopefully I won't be so judged, I hate that.

      I have olive oil, and have been using it, for cooking, for everything. The healthy food is expensive, and doesn't keep very well even in the refrigerator. I got some canned salmon on sale, low sodium. Its a miracle I love oatmeal, with just a tad of brown sugar. So I'm good there.

      Mother and father both lived to 80. Brother died at 45, and father's mother at 30, so I guess the genetic link is all over the place. Although mother had to manage high cholesterol too.

      Thanks. I know your researched food inside and out and grateful for your advice. As far as my sugar addiction goes, not too bad actually, doing very well, I don't watch commercials when I watch tv, I PVR things, and that has been helping. So anyone who is trying to be careful DON'T WATCH COMMERCIALS. It works.

      Lemon and lime water sounds ok. I might try that thank you. I'll pick some up at shopping. So sorry to hear that you feel alone at a time like this, when others have families.

    8. Yeah treadmill heart tests are scary. I'm too far gone for one of those even 15 years ago the heart doctors didn't insist on it. I'm not supposed to be alive from the cardiomyopathy. Those tests with the exertion and lack of oxygen can give anxiety. Dont let them say that's all nerves. I realized after going on this mega-strong COPD drug for "severe to moderate" cases, I had far less breathing "panic attacks" then ever. Today I'm not breathing that great but there's been a sudden weather change, it's not intolerable though. There can be heart and lung stuff that gives anxiety. I trained myself to distinguish between "panic" and lungs shutting down, can't breathe problems by using a lung meter. The lung stuff does affect anxiety. Today I felt tired just walking around the dentist office, it affects everything. I think the drug gave me increased ability to walk. So yeah be careful with treadmill. I have turned down tests from doctors too. They don't like it but if one insisted on treadmill on me I may not live through that day.

      I am glad you have olive oil. I need to get some, the food insecurity has had me using some cheaper vegetable oil which makes me worry. Of course now they say a lot of olive oil is fake. I wonder why years ago it seemed to taste different like not of olives anymore. I wish I could buy one of those 28 dollar cans direct from Italy.

      No offense but I actually hate oatmeal. it's like my least favorite food. I will put oatmeal in ground meat usually turkey. LOL I am glad you like it though, it is healthy. Insulin resistance and oatmeal don't work but maybe I need to eat the real kind and not the kind that cooks in 1-3 minutes, like steel cut oats or something.

      You could have gotten your mother and father's genes too. I don't know who I am genetically related to. It's kind of scary because I even got screened for Huntingtons because of my tics, and that was taken on my mother's word, but if I had Huntingtons being this old I'd long ago be dead from it. I never found anyone with Lipedema. Even pudgy aunt had skinny legs. Of course the evil one never told me anything.

      Thanks hope my advice can help. I know if I had more money I could up the food quality and diet even more so. I used to snack on seaweed--very low in calories when I could afford it. Those "nori" sheets, that stuff used to make me feel better. Miss the health food stores so badly, there's an expensive one in the town I go to the dentist at 15 miles away but it's like a dream health food landscape, if I could afford food there everyday, it would be great.


    9. I squeezed fresh lemons and limes and put it into water, no sugar, Its a taste to get used to, I'll admit it but it used to dampen down even kidney stone attacks before I was put on this medication. Watered down cider vinegar I used to drink to take fluids off, and learned it akalanizes the body and probably did help with the Lipedema. I have to stop eating cheap turkey bologna. Today I had husband let me get salad from grocery store salad bar, I really couldn't afford, 5 bucks for a small one and put all the veggies on it from beets to cauliflower to carrots.

  7. I've had two cats over the past 16 years. Same type of cat. By the time cat #1 was the same age cat #2 is now, she weighted 20 lbs. She ate far less than my current cat, who weighs 10 lbs. the current cat also uses the litter box significantly more. It's very clear that some cats/people/whatever simply absorb more food, more quickly. Unfortunately, the only answer I can come up with is that we need to determine what works for us. I know that if I eat 800 calories or less for an extended period of time, I'll lose weight. If I eat more, I maintain or gain. It's not fun, comfortable, or fair, but it works for me. Some people can accelerate the process but dulling their appetites with cigarettes, developing eating disorders, or running on a treadmill for hours at a time is not for everyone. Some people do nothing, but especially with women, sooner or later they will need to do something to lose or at least maintain weight. I wish you the best in finding something that works for you.

    1. Yes watching cats one can tell weight is not an eating induced thing. Many cats are fed the exact same by their owners and one ends up fat. The cat is not choosing to be lazy or not exercise. I have never figured out what works for me, if I go too low I get sick. There is no doubt in my mind, that even an eating disorder may not even pull it off, I'm thinking of times in life where extended illness took the food way down and I saw no real results. I have to admit all I can do is to try and not gain, that in itself is work.

  8. I somehow came across your blog,and have to say I agree with pretty much everything you say. I've had way too much time on my hands these past few months and have read so much "fat acceptance" stuff, it's not even funny!

    While I've always been silm, I totally agree that obese people are discriminated against, made fun of and that obesity is a complicated issue. The fat acceptance crowd are actual potion though. I've read the most prominent voices, telling people that health and weight have no correlation (!), that all science is bullshit(unless it's in their favour), that doctors are evil and worst of all...that fat is a civil rights issue!!! These people actually believe that being a fat, white, middle class, educated American woman is the same as houndreds of years off racism and government mass murder.

    They don't care about you because you prove them wrong, they are no better than the "diet industry" which tells you you are worthless unless you become what they want.

    1. Thanks Anon, I appreciate it. Studying up on the fat acceptance movement had to be interesting. Yes I agree fat people are discriminated against and made fun of and more. The most prominent voices in size acceptance are full of it, and I think there is definitely some lobbying interests and mega-corporation interests behind their ideology. Why have fat people demand better as the population fattens up and sickens. A lot of their stuff like HAES totally denies weight and health correlations and rejects even good science. I don't think every doctor is evil either and they see the results in the nursing home. The movement is very middle class and above, you know I have admitted that part of it, and they do ignore mass murder and racism, and genocides. It's like this world is a candy shop. LOL I am seen as way too intense by the ideological types. I agree they don't care and they find me and others like me a "problem". They are the same as the diet industry to me. Thanks.