Sunday, March 13, 2016

Richard Simmons Weirdness

Richard Simmons is not missing

Google "Richard Simmons is missing", there's different articles on this.

Where's Richard Simmons?

I think he is ill, and it's not being discussed. I think it is sad, they interviewed this man while he was
obviously having severe mental or other problems.  The "going bonkers" video was even worse.  He seems to collect himself after the early part of this interview but he barely makes sense at the start.

It seems like he has oncoming dementia or some other problem. His pressure to diet and retain this extroverted persona to make a living probably took it's toll as he aged. His dry-eyed crying over the huge number of obese annoyed me. "CICO" has failed Richard Simmons!

After these interviews two years ago, he vanished from public view....

He may be going down Brittany Spear's path with outraged handlers trying to reign him in. In the "Where's Richard Simmons article above, his history is a very strange one:

"Friends say that family history has always weighed on Simmons. “He sometimes will slip into the persona of a 5-year-old child,” says one pal who claims to have seen this within the past few years. “He’ll play with dolls, and call you daddy. It’s ‘daddy this’ and ‘daddy that.’ ”

That's scary.

Richard Simmons Goes Bonkers


  1. It's sad to see him disintegrating. I used to think he was a narc and now it looks like he has somebody who want to send him away. Maybe his brain disintegrated from eating glysophate laced food (one of GMO) because many diet foods contains corns, chemical substances, glysophates, and at worst, DDT, one of the ingredients in Agent Orange. It sad to see this. I don't know what to think of him now, because my adopted narc mother used to watch his show.

  2. I think he is disintegrating too. He is old. The aerobics and staying thin fades when you get too old. I think he probably gained weight too simply from getting old.

    A lot of diet food is full of chemicals. I noticed this when going to a big weight loss corporations diet classes years ago. They had "sweet tooth" foods with a zillion ingredients. He always seemed majorly personality disordered to me to the point I'd cringe whenever I saw him on TV, like an extreme histrionic wing of narcissism personality disorder. He had a lot of elements of the "sad clown".



    1. Wow it looks like he has been ill for a while. I also think he have gained weight from his injury, age etc and is hiding out.