Monday, October 10, 2016

America's Funeral?

America's Funeral? Yeah watching two narcissistic sociopaths go at it, says it all. Sometimes I fear the election is to distract us all from the build up to war with Russia, but I find myself often asking, "How did things get this crazy?". Hillary is a crook who stood with a husband who abused women, and the other one has a foul mouth who definitely doesn't show much respect of women. I laughed when he said, "You'd be in jail" and thought that was the best moment. Watching the debates is like watching reality TV. Trump seems to be playing a "part". Too bad he' s a sociopathic narcissist too who glowers his way through life and is with the party joined with the other one in wanting us all to live in the gutter. Really these two non-candidates are a sign of the decline of America. Maybe the slow collapse of this place is accelerating.


  1. If the narcissists take over we can say THIS has been our long ignored point about what freaks narcissists are. I think most people think we mean they are overly vain. No..... only if you consider them destroying whole families as vanity.

    1. I think they have already taken over instead of destroying a whole family, they will be destroying the whole country. I don't like when they define narcissism as vain loves to look in the mirror, thats 1 percent of deadly iceberg.

  2. I just saw the interview at "Hannity" with Juanita Broderick,and the other women that Bill Clinton assaulted and raped .One of these women was a little girl when he raped her!He was the Gov. of Arkansas,and the state police guarded the door,while he raped a girl.ALL these women said,they are AFRAID of Hillary becoming president.--One said, Hillary THREATENED HER LIFE, IF SHE TOLD ANY ONE.--they didn't talk ,they were SCARED TO DEATH. AND the women have witnesses.Bill got sued for a huge amt.$$$,one girl won the suit.

    And I personally knew a lady who worked in a big law a big city;the Clintons were in office,and the law-firm grapeline said,Hillary had killed someone,and it was being hushed up.These big law firms had connections to WA DC,and the White House.--no one could stop them from gossiping,and they did.I KNEW it was true,cause my "source"never told untrue stories.

    There's no raped assaulted women on "Hannity" like Juanita Broderick, with WITNESSES,who ever got assaulted by Trump.I read a lot about him,before,he didn't need to rape anyone,they married him for money;even young models.--He had an affair with Marla Maples.BUT RAPE OR ASSUALT? NOTHING.He didn't have to! No one came out,long ago,as they did about Clinton,and ever accused him of rape.The 2,Bill Clinton,and Trump, are very different as far as relations with women went.Trump's daughter turned out very well,as well treated and taught,as if she had been his son.No one ever said anything bad about Trump and his daughters.There aren't even rumors.(He did joke about how YOUNG his wivesn were.It was true.)

    You can say anything about narcacissm,Trump,and his big business, but as far aa "Bill-Clinton-style-scandels" and sexual assault,Trump never had anyone say THAT TYPE OF RUMOR or gossip as Bill Clinton did. Bill is essentially a "raping-president,and governor" and those women like Juanita Broderick, are REAL.

    I heard these stories long ago, but cause Clinton was powerful, it got hushed up.--And Hillary ALWAYS BLAMED THE GIRLS,against Bill,and condemned his victims.She DEFENDED THE RAPIST.She condemned a 12 yr, old girl,whom a powerful man raped,in her law practice,and did every dirty trick against the 12 yr, old,blaming HER for the rape,and condemning her.She attacks rape victims.

    WHO DO I WANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE? Not someone married to a confirmed rapist,who attacks his victims.---Hillary has bad stories about"people disappearing" who give her problems.Hillary attacks women,and supports RAPISTS!

    Trump is still not that bad.Those women whom Bill assaulted,got THREATENED BY HILLARY if they talked.she threatened lethal harm to one.I believe Hannity's Juanita Broderick interviews.I am voting Trump,just to keep Bill & Hillary out!--they are scary! they're criminals.We should fear the Clintons.

  3. The other thing is,Hillary just came out & said,"I want OPEN BORDERS in America.I want no fences,and all immigrants free to just go into America"I read it.SHE IS MORE NUTS and NARCICISST than Trump! He is against letting all illegal immigrants come in!Hillary WANTS to let them all in! Hillary wants extreme socialism,and to let every muslim & Arab into the U.S.

    Hillary is a DISASTER of a narcicisst!She makes TRUMP look good!She has criminal charges against her,by the FBI,and she is too powerful to arrest.You heard she gets millions from foriegn countries?Its true.She has violated IRS LAWS,and is too powerful to arrest.

    If ever I saw a ,cold,hate-filled narcicisst getting into the white house its Clinton.She reminds mme of very violent,angry narcicissts I knew, who murdered and got away with it..