Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Blog Has Hit A Million Views!

Time to celebrate the million milestone! Yes the blog is 6 years old, but I do think that isn't such a bad number. I feel happy to have been able to share and write the things I have over the years, talking about obesity in an honest way, Lipedema, being an ACON and the many variables of the "fivehundredpoundpeep" life. Queen Spider wouldn't like how much this blog has been read, but I am thankful for all my readers. :)


  1. I know a blogger that will now be claiming to have 1,005,977 hits as soon as she reads this.

  2. Congratulations! That is a lot of people you are reaching!

  3. Yah! Your blog is great! I love it!

  4. Pop the cyber champagne! First I thought this blog referenced Easter candy, then resonated with the 4 REAL unravelling of family dynamics that "outsider" crestives often share. Beyond that, the shared musings of "where do we go from here" makes one feel less alone. You've struck a nerve (even reaching the Sedaris enclave) and struck a chord in our "outsider" hearts. A toast to truth & justice! Congratulations, Peep, for prevailing.

    1. LOL I've wondered about the peep candy reference too, yes the REAL unraveling of family dynamics....LOL about the Sedaris enclave. I am glad. Thanks so much for your post too! :)

  5. Congrats! You can feel really good about yourself for this!