Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mothers Who Regret Having Children

Mothers who regret having children

It's odd but one is seeing these articles all over the Internet where people write that they regret becoming parents. I always have been too broke, sick and mostly infertile to have kids, but I had the "child-free" thoughts too. The years of doing daycare, teaching and residential care, I had no illusions about what actual childcare entailed and most of it was very hard. With my health, my stamina and other resources simply were not there to properly take care of a child. I believe many people as one woman says in the article, simply don't know what they are getting into:  "I really didn't know what I was in for."

Of my own narcissistic parents, I think they would have been far happier people NOT having children and they only had them because they thought they were supposed to and for societal status and conformity. I could be adopted or from elsewhere but they definitely obtained or gave birth to some children and then regretted it. Their narcissism has no excuse, but perhaps some people in the future will escape having narcissistic parents, because being child-free will become more acceptable and birth control will work better.

 A future Queen Spider of means could  then dedicate herself to shopping and having the museum clean home she always dreamed of. A future Mr. Queen Spider could go to work and come home smiling instead of screaming about tools and mowing the lawn, hire a lawn service and have some cocktails, with no kids to smack around to make sure they rake the lawn correctly.

Parenting seems insane now too where the expectations are extreme. Does one have to be watching a kid every second over a certain age? Does one have to put everything else aside like the kid is the prince or princess of the entire household? Maybe everyone's burnt out and unhappy because they are doing it wrong or going by expectations that make the job too hard.

 The children's attention spans have sunk to new lows where they are flipping from one thing to another which that would be enough to have driven me crazy. If I ever had kids I would have made a point of turning them into readers and able to entertain themselves by the earliest age possible.   It seems to me parents in the old days were not mandated to entertain children every second of their life and this is one reason the parents can't take it anymore. Sure you have to watch a toddler every minute but if a 8 or 10 year old can't play by themselves or their siblings for a while you got a problem on your hands.

The financial pressures of parenthood is probably making many crack up especially the working class poor who have to piece multiple jobs together and try and figure out affording babysitters.

Having Kids is Too Hard Today: The Child Free Movement.


  1. My narc mother told me she only wanted 2 of her children. My brother and my oldest sister. Now she has that wish, as my other unwanted sister and me , are not speaking to her.She got her wish!

    1. yes looks like she got her wish. Who tells that to kids anyway but a narc? Oh we didn't want you. I saw this woman rolling her eyes at her kid yesterday at the grocery store. One can tell when the parents now are displeased with "what they got". They are so much into the "end product" some of them and their trophies. Made me feel a bit ill inside. The kid looked a little quirky, but felt bad for her immediately.