Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Busy Brigade

This definitely is a rule to remember. In the "They Left Me First" article, All the narcissists and their enablers would constantly tell me how "busy" they were. With a few I was only contacting them once every few months or a few times a year.

That should have given me a clue a bit faster!

 Many scapegoats can fall into the "Please love me", chasing people trap, where you keep trying to appeal to people who tell you over and over, "We are too busy".

Now if someone has no time for me, I do not make that mistake of trying to chase them down or in attempting to win them over. I think of the time I wasted trying to keep people in my life, that really wanted nothing to do with me. Being a scapegoat can be complicated, because while they tell you that you are a bother and an annoyance, they don't let you go either. They want you around enough just to serve as the trash can. 

We are so busy!


  1. Definitely made that mistake. Not anymore! Nice post!

    1. I think many of us get set up so long to scrape for the crumbs, it's a hard thing to escape. Not anymore for me too. I read emails from years ago where they were dissing me and giving me the "too busy" line.