Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crawling Out From the Lifelong Rejection of the Scapegoat

Yes freedom will come in then. I told my husband the other day, I just don't want to "try" anymore. I thought back in my years how hard I "worked" to connect with people. Now I ask "Why did I have to work so hard? Why couldn't I just be?"  Being stuck like so many scapegoats to "impress" people is a pathway to failure. Many of us can get stuck in it.  I have un-glued myself.

 Connection with others which I have had before and enjoyed is something every normal human being desires. While I have found a few real friends along the way, and felt some belonging in my old town that didn't last very long, because of my health and the Aspergers I have always struggled to a degree.

Things got bad in the last several years. Several friends died, we had to move too much, though we have been in the same place now for ten years. Friendly local people moved away. Both of us have ended up as hermits despite my best efforts. I worry about my husband too. He can still talk to people to make a living at least. I tell him it's not good we are so socially isolated. I tried to fix it and people know I have discussed even moving to fix it.

I write about this online and people tell me, they too are getting more isolated, it's hard to talk to people. Lately we both take refuge in each other and I do in my hobbies, but even as a couple we miss having people to talk to. Why is it so hard now? I told my husband ten years ago it just seems conversation flowed so much easier.

The choice to take abuse and have some people around vs be alone without abuse, obviously I chose the non-abuse option. Clearing out the decks of all the poop, you stand around on the clear deck and say "now what?"  Too much betrayal or facing the facts of the abuse, can make you feel far more wary of people. There is definite an air of fog of Aspie social blindness I walked in along with the ACON fog. Waking up and getting out of the fog was difficult. Seeing how I was seen for real was very hard. Realizing how people operated too, was some hard lessons.

I feel afraid of people now because I have felt so betrayed by the catfish, Mrs. Curses, the woman at the drop-in center and by the project friends. I am still going out and doing activities I enjoy but I know since all that happened, I am not opening up so much. This makes me kind of sad, that I have to be so closed mouth but the established boundaries to protect myself are necessary.

My narc radar has increased by far. At the bible study I left--see below, there was one woman there, that freaked me out because she was looked and acted like two narcissists so much that I had removed from my life, that it was disarming. She came up full of smiles too, but I was wary and held back. I thought to myself, "I need to avoid people like that" and did.

I seem to meet endless cool people online who become close friends, but in real life it just seems to be the litany of "judgers" and people I do not fit in with. Now I leave when I feel uncomfortable such as a local bible study I departed from for good where the women were all upper middle class, into humble bragging and upset by any statements that didn't coincide with some unwritten rules exactly. They were "nice" but it was another place I did not fit in. How come I never meet other disabled women my age? Or childless women? Those two categories seem extraordinarily rare.

 Down to earth people who are non-narcs usually have their social and family connections set by middle age. The narcs always can go get new victims. Their dance cards are always full. Their families all worship at their narc altars, the ones who don't succeed and become parasitic are taken care of, the rich ones like Queen Spider get their butts kissed.

  A disabled Aspie, trying to rebuild a social life as she edges near 50, that's feels impossible.  Sometimes I think, "Oh you must try, it's not healthy for you and your husband to live like hermits" and in the next sentence I think, "Why bother, perhaps outside of online and long distance friends I am wasting my time and banging my head on a wall"? My message to myself is to enjoy life and to do what feels right to me. I don't have to prove myself to anyone anymore. 

Queen Spider's rejection and bringing the entire family to reject me has had very serious life long effects. I lay this one at her feet. A life spent under nothing but rejection hurt me. I remember thinking the sentence, "Why am I so rejected?"  My disabilities were used to reject me. I barely survived the taught self-hatred for being fat, and for being Aspie as given out to my family. I have met other severely obese people and high stage Lipedemics who have families who LOVE them on Facebook.

Pete Walker would probably label it severe emotional neglect and abandonment trauma.  Facing their sheer NOT CARING was very difficult. Facing the fact that I was not cared about and was invisible, has been some very hard barriers to overcome. Some therapists would tell me I was one of the worse cases of emotional abuse they had ever heard of. Sadly the training regarding abused people is minimal. I was still told to reconcile even after their astonishment at my treatment. How did I become a person capable of love, when there was no love growing up? It's a question I don't know the answer to.

Now that the narcs are gone: now what? I walked away from several "friends". People who made excuses and sided with narcissists and people who betrayed and abused me, got left behind on the family front. Now the social front has become very changed, but even then why the worry? Why the feeling of such complete rejection. Why was I put in this place of constantly having to impress and "win people over"? Now I don't want to. I just want to BE.

It has brought me some bad depression for many years and that thought inside my head with her shrill voice behind it, "No one likes you". I must never minimize to what degree this sociopath tried to soul murder me and must also forgive myself that if someone grows up without any love, there will be life long implications. I have asked myself questions, in turning the tables like, "Do people feel loved by you?" My husband says Yes, to that and tells me I am an affectionate person.  My best friend loves to visit me twice a year for three days. Even if we show love to others doesn't always mean it will be received. That said, we have the right to demand good treatment of ourselves. Scapegoats are put in that place of always being told they are the ones who have to worry about what everyone else is thinking. I feel like I have thrown off some shackles.

 Even the thwarted love, that a child tries to give to a family that has rejected it, means life long implications as well. I remember trying to show love, giving cards to parents who would throw them away with a look of disgust and even trying to reach out to the Queen. It makes me sad how much energy I poured down this well.

I had a therapist once tell me they thought I could have attachment disorder but then she said to me, "But you have a conscience and love other people and want to connect, you do not have the symptoms of that disorder, you just have the lack of an early bond"  She went on to add, "I do not know how you managed to escape it." She said someone must have come in that you attached to. I said "Maybe it was that one aunt I lived with for a short time and who I wanted to stay with. It was a big controversy. I loved her. I remember with a surge of happiness even 40 plus years later, the feelings I had around her. Maybe she saved me in ways that would be unknown."

I had a cousin use those feelings against me, recently. I don't trust him anymore. He was the one I last let go of but he managed to wiggle in. "I have a video of you and my Mom [the Aunt that loved Me] during that time you were living with her, my Dad and brother" and he showed me a still from it. I am smiling and happy in the still and my aunt is looking at me and smiling. I never smiled in photos from my parents, so to see myself happy was a good thing. I still miss that aunt. Her death in 1987 is and was suspicious to me. The fact I was standing in the room and heard them all say she died with no alcohol in her system and then I read her son's blog 25 years later from the time of her death where he writes she died of drunk driving into the tree, I am disturbed beyond belief.

 I wanted a copy of that video, so I decided to answer back. I suppose some could call this "taking the bait". Hey I am not perfect. I only own two pictures of that aunt, one is her high school photo and one she is smiling with her three sons.  Now I doubt any video will be sent me. Perhaps my mother put him up to it. If they have sunk so low to use this time of happiness against me, it will tell me how completely evil they are. I will see if a video shows up, he said, he would copy and send it to me but for now I am wary. It reminds me of that scenario where Aunt Confused told me about having pictures and then turned around and refused to send any and that my mother told her not to and she was going to obey, instigating my no contact with her.

 Since I have cleaned the slate of toxic people, I have asked myself, how does one find good people and avoid the bad? I know that most people build on having a loving family and have connections through this. I am so rootless, and that has affected me in a bad way.

I and my husband outside of internet connections are basically living like hermits. I have become a hermit. Sure we see some people like clerks, people at the food coop, people at the self help group, I know a couple names of people in the art class I am taking but we are very isolated people. We don't go to dinners, or anyone's house.  Since I've gone no contact there's none of the forced marches to see people barely tolerating us. There is relief in that but one can be troubled in asking, why have I failed to connect and is there something wrong with me in the fact I haven't or maybe I am wrong about how socially connected everyone is.

 Maybe I am NORMAL especially for a disabled Aspie with my older long distant friends and husband. Maybe the narcissists messed me up there playing social comparison games especially a Queen Bee mother who was always bragging about how popular she was. Maybe I got caught in this trap too of trying to replace the family I never had.

 Lately I don't feel like talking to anyone outside the internet and even online, I am sticking to old Aspie friends and other friends I've known for some years and people I've written here for some time. Life forces me to talk to grocery clerks, pharmacists, and the lady who makes tasty burritos at our local Tacquiera, but I never have become so silent in my life. It's weird. Maybe the real me is more of an introvert or maybe I am simply tired, and flowing along after the final family cut-off. Maybe the multiple holes in my back from people stabbing me in the back hurt and I can't afford anymore holes.

We have conversations between each other, about how sometimes it just seems safer and nicer to stay home together and how it just doesn't seem people are the same anymore. He jokes about "hiding out in our apartment" and it really feels that way. We used to go out with our heads held high, eager and enthusiastic to get involved in the arts, to meet people and it became so difficult. I mull over, "What have we done wrong to end up like this?" He says "Nothing".

Even for the charities that have helped us, it's better to stay polite, thankful and distant. I would give back if I was ever in the place to. I don't want any "project" friends anymore. I don't want anymore upper class women of 15 years age or more JUDGING ME. It even occurred to me in my old rural town, that there was this woman, I was friends with for a while and even did some art class volunteering with at a church, who was one of those upper middle class charity friends, she was best friends with the lady who dumped all the boxes at my house. I've repeated patterns in this town, that I even had happen in the earlier years in my old rural town. Perhaps I was enacting some repeated behavior trained by mother, finding these older women who felt naturally superior to me or would be narcissists and trying to please them, "working" my way up, via volunteer work, or the rest. This is a pattern that must be broken.

My husband has told me, "Don't fall in that trap again!" Maybe I want some people in my life I don't have to impress. I would rather be alone then be in any relationships like that again. Being alone in fact has been preferable to that. Also if you can't be real with people and they are upset with how you feel, think or believe, then the friendship has no hope anyway. It will never go deeper. I knew with one it would end when she was telling me what to think and what to feel.

 I do have beliefs many people do not like. There's probably strong even spiritual reasons I feel so out of sorts. Many here have written me telling me, "yes, people are changing and not for the better". The Christianity alone is enough to get thrown out of many circles but in even there I have failed to "conform" to the church world, so there you go. I don't match many people. Inside there always has been a psychic struggle where I thought, "If you only just conform, you'll have more friends" but I can't do it. I have to be me.  I also know what I believe and don't want to change it to be "popular" or acceptable to some. 

  Whatever personality was formed in the crucible of severe abuse, while this standing firm saved me, it also has led to some troubles in life too. If you are too different, a lot of people won't understand you. I often was in the place of watering myself down, to be polite and things like that but aren't friends people you should be able to be yourself around? Even if I never will fit in, maybe it is time to say, it is what is and it's time to accept it. I don't want to be like some of these people I left behind too. I'm done trying to impress others, I want the freedom. 


  1. Hi Peep,
    If we all could "conform, and have more friends", we would all still be part of our Narc families. I have lived in a number of different places, and I always make "friends". They are not deep, intimate friendships: church friends, neighborhood friends, school friends, etc. They are probably what you would call acquaintance friends. The older that I get (about your age), the less that I find I want to rely on other people for my identity or self-esteem. I feel like that is progress. Since I got discarded from the family, I have gotten stronger in my beliefs and righteousness, too. I compromised a lot to be part of something wretched. I'm no longer going to bend over backwards to be friends or family with anyone. When we lie to others about who we are, we are liars, and that is the price we pay to be invited to their narc party. My "friends" are all nice people, but I don't rely on them for deep emotional fulfillment, but rather they give me a sense of communal belonging. You are very fortunate and blessed to have your husband.

  2. Hi Agnes, its true, if we could conform we probably still be in the narc families you re right. I agree about acquaintances. I have a lot of those, maybe not super-close knit, but I can walk around this town even and run into acquaintances to say hello to, saw two today while taking bus to medical appt. I agree one doesn't want to depend on other people for those things, that is where trouble begins. Narc family does not teach us to stand on our own and well I am figuring that out now too. Agree about not compromising. How many times are ACONS told to set their values and principles aside and adopt those of others and then judged for not doing so. I say go by our own values and principles and stick by those and God's. I don't want to bend over backwards anymore and glad you are not. Good point about not lying about who we are, I figure lately may as well come out with it, instead of playing the eggshell game. Glad you have nice friends but I agree, deep emotional fulfillment why it can come sponatenous one doesn't want to dump that demand on people. Thanks regarding husband :)

  3. I think we're much better off without the kind of "friends" you are talking about. Had some of those in my life, too...but not anymore. I tend to run from those kind of women.
    My husband and I also never go to anyone's house ( except for my daughter's and my parent's). I wonder if anyone does that anymore, actually invite people over?
    All people seem to want to do anymore is watch tv or go on the Internet. I do my fair share of that, too, but I'd still love to get together with people. I really like to play games or just talk.
    I guess it's just the way the world is now.

    1. Yeah I got majorly burned by a few who wanted to be close but just got information and turned it on me. Just can't go down that road again. The churches are full of women, like that too. I can be instant prey for those type just walking in there with the walker and leg wrappings, coming off the bus or my no muffler car. Glad you have your family member's houses to go to. I know I don't visit anyone house anymore too. Last one was an ex- project friend, liked going to her house, it was a mansion compared to my apt but sign, she had it so good she was constantly dogging how badly I lived, but she seemed to think it was by choice. The friend that visited me recently she says, she has same problem--maybe this is more wide spread and not just from me being "disabled" or "poor", that friend is in different straits then me. Yes many watch TV or go online, I miss talking to people, I am an introvert so the need for this is just a small bit, but it seems harder to find, I think you are right this is the way the world is, and I think things change when people get older. I am slowed down and there's less energy to project out. I'm not a needy person always needing rest and having husband to hang out with but yeah, it is weird isn't it, how things have gone in America. People are friendly to us, a neighbor even helped jump our car, but there's no hanging out. I know a lot are busy. I am even busy more often, then someone would suspect. [just staying alive takes work, Im resting now while cooking something, but have to jump back up and do more dishes]

  4. YES, some statistics about Americans say,"everyone only has FAMILY to be close to;friends are VERY DIFFICULT TO GET."MONEY is easier to get than friends."My sister has good friends in a JEWELRY MAKING CLUB.--but she joined years ago,and its in a big city,and is a very rare club.I tried to join a similar club, in Eugene ORE.,but they are very snobby,and ignore you.(very cold, gentrified town.)--so I finally quit.I also accept the fact if you are not BORN INTO many religious groups, you are frozen out.I love Judaism,but the Jewish community ignores converts.A convert to ISLAM,who is white,can't go to a mosque.--its even worse for them.I found some nicest people ONLINE.!SO friends are WHO, and where you find them!My dad & his family are upper--class Narcs.--so my dad rejected his family,and the upper class.--but my dad was a Narc,and my parents were crazy.I was in mental hospitals a lot of my life.--now i'm 70.I feel my life was a waste--but I found out,MOST PEOPLE on earth have hard painful lives.THAT is more true.--Americans are one of the few luckiest nation.(altho not now.)Peep is a very wonderful person;and she's right, "accept yourself the way you are."best wisdom of all! thank you,peep,for yer wonderful writing & blog.:) Peep is a gem!

    1. Yeah it suck in America now you are supposed to have a family to be close to. What if you don't have a family or they are evil and you had to go no contact? I am glad your sister hoho has friends in her jewlry making clubs, she has been in long enough to let good friendships form. I have tons of acquaintances in different groups, but yeah making friends takes time. I had to drop out of our local gem and rock club for snobbery and my stamp club moved 16 miles south, it would be easier to go to one in another town but that's 15 miles away and would take more money to get to I don't have. Too many churches and religions are family dominated. Even my last IFB they were all born in the church instead of being born again and finding a church to go to. It unsettled me. Doesn't look like Jews are much different there. Most of my closest friends are online too, I have a sweet friend out West, who is one of my closests :) thanks for saying I am a gem. Sorry your Dad was a narc, well both of mine are, and narc parents will make someone need treatment. Your life was not a waste, that is message of narcs who measure everything by their values. I agree most people on earth have very hard lives even historically people got it. America used to be great place and we got a blip in history where people got to relax a little bit but yeah that is over with and even then they had WWII and acouple other wars to contend with. I agree "accept yourself the way you are" we got to stay away from those who tell us different. Thanks hoho!:)

  5. http://whattodowhiletheplanetdies.blogspot.com/?view=mosaic

    WHATTODOWHILETHEPLANETDIES, got locked out of Word Press, cuz their plugins did that to many blogs."what-" went to the above "blogspot.com" blogger, cuz writer got sick of screwy,jerk-off Word Press cold,inhuman staff.--and those workers are robot-hard, not human.Please put this link in yer right-hand list, as WHAT--is now only on blogspot.com also, thanks!!!

  6. I can so relate Peep. I'm also a middle aged Aspie, just a couple years older than you based on your description of your age. Don't be hard on yourself about your disabilities. I think the narcs just zeroed in on that because it's easy for them and because they are like a pack of salivating hyenas (cruel and insensitive). I think they would've rejected you no matter what because you have integrity and they don't. That's the crux of the matter, not your disabilities. But yes they are heartless, soulless beasts. And like you, I've also become a hermit and don't trust anyone anymore. Too many gaping wounds still in my back and heart. Only online in a few places can I find cool people like you and on YouTube in a FEW places. Lots of narcs on youtube so have to be careful there. Like your Aunt that Loved You, I have wonderful memories of my paternal grandparents, then just my grandmother because my grandaddy died from a ruptured brain anuerism and the hospital giving him the WRONG medication which killed him instantly. My narc mother called me to let me know he had died (in 1998) and she sounded GLEEFUL. You could literally hear the GLEE in her freaking voice. Talk about having cognitive dissonance afer that! This was way before I knew what she was but after many betrayals by the witch. I guess she was happy that I was losing one of only 2 people who truly loved me in the family. I had my precious grandmother for 8 more years then she died in 2007, which was about 6 years before I finally woke up to Narcville. As far as our lifetime of being the Scapegoat have you also noticed how every true and good hearted person around the narc family system DIES early? Not just relatives but family friends as well. Every single one! And it ends up with nothing but narcs and the original Scapegoat. I see this happening with all the Scapegoats I read about. Really uncanny isn't it?

    1. Its funny you mention people all dying young around the narc because with my mother it is a serious problem. I don't think all the people who died were necessarily "good hearted" some got infected by the narcs like Aunt Scapegoat, but they definitely had some soul to them at the start the narcs destroyed. So many people have died young around my mother I am creeped out and know staying alive means staying away.

      7 people in my mother's immediate family have all died before the age of 60 [well Aunt Scapegoat just turned 60]

      Queen Spider had a brother die at 14 of a drowning, I did find this one in the newspaper.

      another brother was murdered in his early 20s, the one I have been looking for information on and cannot find [the murder by the dates I found on the Mormon death lists--they list everyone in the nation, was three weeks before my birth]

      a sister died in a suspicious carwreck at the age of 36. They told her kids she died drunk when I was in the room and they said she had no alcohol in her system. [the Aunt that Loved Me]

      My father died at 57

      Her father died at age 55

      Aunt Scapegoat died at 60

      Sister [fellow narc] got cancer she kept secret last two years, brother affirmed this to me when I had suspectd it.

      Brother needed quadruple by pass at the age of 48

      You all know my story of my bad health.

      Lots of sick and dead people around my mother.

      So yeah, a lot DIE EARLY around my mother. She sure seems to have a knack for people dropping like flies around her.

    2. Thanks for saying don't be hard on myself for disabilities. I know us middle aged Aspies have some challenges, I know I am in aspie burn out big time.

      I think they zeroed in on them too and they may have tried to find anything they can.

      I do believe many of my disabilities were CAUSED by the monsters. The constant cortisol coming through from the PTSD and more basically led me to an endocrine system collapse and cascades that worsened the Lipedema. Lipedema is worsened by trauma.

      Thanks for admitting you have become a hermit too. I don't trust most people either. I realized for whatever reason I am not going to be what they want and will not be controlled, so, there you go, being one's own person in this society, is enough for hermithood to be a perferred option.

      Sorry you have the gaping wounds in your heart and back. Same for me. I know I can't take on anymore especially after the project ex friend here, and I am protecting myself. With that cousin, I was made to feel bad too and self protection means keeping the full NC, even limited contact with those soulless or enablers of the soulless made me feel like I got slimed.

      I find a few cool people online too, met some lifelong friends online as well.

      So sorry about your grandfather, yes the narcs are gleeful or don't care. Remember of Aunt Scapegoat, my mother told me to my face she wanted her to die. I guess Satan gave her, her way. My emotions about not being able to see Aunt Scapegoat and seeing a person destroyed by my mother, go deep.

      I am sure mine was happy over Aunt Scapegoats death, and the fact I never got to reconcile with her, and of her power in destroying Aunt Scapegoat as her guardian. It was weird I told cousins how my mother was my aunt's guardian and none cared that she got that much control over her. It makes me sick.

      Yes the narcs are happy to see people die. They are the wicked as bible warns us reveling in destruction. So many people have died young, it is horrifying.

      So sorry you lost your grandmother too. This stuff hurts. I hope those relationships were intact for you. I had the added pain of having relationships destroyed by my mother like Aunt Scapegoat before she died.

      Yes family friends die young too, the few who are non-narcs.

      It's hard to lose people and then be stuck with the narc, you know that feeling too. I have noticed on ACON boards, the worse narc monsters seem to live a very long time too.