Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Authoritarian America: The Path To Tyranny

How Democrats Lost Their Populist Soul

"For most Americans, the institutions that touch their lives are unreachable. Americans get b
roadband through Comcast, their internet through Google, their seeds and chemicals through Monsanto. They sell their grain through Cargill and buy everything from books to lawnmowers through Amazon. Open markets are gone, replaced by a handful of corporate giants. Political groups associated with Koch Industries have a larger budget than either political party, and there is no faith in what was once the most democratically responsive part of government: Congress. Steeped in centralized power and mistrust, Americans must now confront Donald Trump, the loudest and most grotesque symbol of authoritarianism in politics today.

“This,” wrote Robert Kagan in The Washington Post, “is how fascism comes to America.” The nation is awash in commentary and fear over the current cultural moment. “America is a breeding ground for tyranny,” wrote Andrew Sullivan in New York magazine. Yet, Trump’s emergence would not be a surprise to someone like Patman, or to most New Dealers. They would note that the real-estate mogul’s authoritarianism is not new in American culture; it is ubiquitous. It is consistent with how the commercial sphere has developed since the 1970s. Americans feel a lack of control: They are at the mercy of distant forces, their livelihoods dependent on the arbitrary whims of power. Patman once attacked chain stores as un-American, saying, “We, the American people, want no part of monopolistic dictatorship in … American business.” Having yielded to monopolies in business, the nation must now face the un-American threat to democracy Patman warned they would sow."

Trump is an end result of this growing tyranny and authoritarianism. So is Clinton with her being owned by corporate interests. Neither address poor people in America. Populism was killed off in the Democratic party too. Trump wants to bring back Reaganomics and failed 'trickle down' theories of 40 years duration which have led us to the 1 percent growing stronger in power.

Clinton is owned by Monsanto and a wide variety of corporations.

Woody Guthrie and pals would be spinning in their graves to see what has happened today. Steinbeck would not have his book, "The Grapes of Wrath" published but would be informed by his publisher to write a book celebrating wealthy bankers and their troubles. 

I won't argue with anyone about who they are voting for.  I know most who have decided to vote, are doing hold their noses votes from the waif of the Turd Sandwich and Giant Douche. Some want to vote for one to protect their interests and the other for his words against globalism. I don't trust either and do not plan to vote for either. Trump scares me worse then the other one in terms of negative impacts on my personal life. The last thing I look forward to is a CRUSH THE POOR REPUBLICAN in power, we are barely making it as it is.  The Democratic party's rejection of the poor and losing of it's POPULIST SOUL, allowed the Republicans to go crazy with power. 

One thing however this article is correct about the Democratic party losing it's populist soul. I am old enough to remember despite the failings of the Democratic party presently, in earlier decades the Democratic party at least made the attempt to speak of the "little guy" and poor people and supported unions. They spoke of "rights" and "justice".  There are social issues I disagreed with the Democratic party even back then, but there was at least some semblance of speaking out for the working class and others.

This has been replaced with the support for the NDAA and trying to whip up war fever with Russia. Hillary Clinton is a globalist who does not put American interests first. I know people saw Obama, as a "good guy" but all I know personally is over the last 8 years, my disability check got cut to nothing. No COLAS means the checks have grown smaller and smaller. So I do not see the Democrat party as this great behemoth of freedom either. They are in cahoots with the bankers, and same war mongers as the Republican party too. 

As a person who fully participated in the anti-war movement of the early 2000s, the anti-war movement was even destroyed on the left, which to me is a sign of the growing authoritarianism and rejection of populism in our culture.  No one in America really supports those Middle Eastern wars, but they kept running under Obama's sojourn, with our growing national debt. Now the insane want even more wars. Americans do not understand how these wars were planned and how they are NOT in the interest of the average America. The big behemoths want to keep the war machine running. Now the left supports war.

 All the ideals have been thrown away for bankers and corporations. The Democratic party did unload the populists, and shut them out. Bernie Sanders losing to Hillary Clinton would be a core example of this. America is growing more authoritarian and one can see the effects in both parties which BOTH support the police state, wars and endless crack downs and rules.

This has become a nation of rule-followers and conformists who worry more about banker credit scores [slave scores] then actual freedom, justice and a positive future. Everything has grown too big, the companies are no longer personal or owned by small business owners but are huge mega-corporations with globalist interests that supersede any idea of loyalty to any country or region. These same traits apply to the politicians as well.

Trump seems to be touted as a "nationalist" but even that is just a story that is being sold. He preaches America First tactics, but then also claims he will bring "law and order".  Trump doesn't care about the Constitution either, in his support of "stop and frisk" laws. Dictators make the trains run on time and make a big deal of "order". The orange faced man is used to getting his way. He is not someone who will think words like "compromise" and "working things out". 

 The 20 year old parking tickets, is just one small injustice among many but there, that came from a Democratic strong hold. I thought to myself, why has no one in Chicago campaigned against this? Surely I am not the first victim. It seems in America people have given up even making a stand for their own rights. It's something I am noticing. You see a lot of shrugged shoulders and that's just the system. America has become a fearful place. Everyone's too afraid to speak out. People accept crushing bills for health insurance, fines, fees and rules that have grown more and more insane.  That is a sign of tyranny because people fear the "punishments" that await. 

Even Democrats became wealth worshippers and sychophants to the bankers along with their Republican "enemies". The crushing and oppressions have become so manifold, they see no hope and have given up in even speaking out for their own interests. Even this is based in the growing authoritiarianism.

 People literally have been Stock-holmed Syndromed and gas-lighted into supporting more sociopaths. The worship of the wealthy since the 1980s has too reached a zenith with Trump. Trump became a celebrity just for being rich during the "greed is good" days. Doesn't anyone remember this? In authoritarian America, the uber-wealthy are seen as gods. This is one facet of a country that has lost it. Authoritarians want the powerful, wealthy and sociopathic worshipped. Boot-licking is now the norm. Trump can insult women and still get supporters. Clinton can have crimes exposed and even her own husband impeached but she is still deemed a nominee of worth.

In this system, there is to be no mercy, only punishment.  Might makes right. Only money-clean outs by the powerful who offer no breaks. The prisons are to be kept full and used for corporate slavery and those who speak out for prisoner rights or even the new Jim Crow, are called insane.

One reason I am no longer in a church, is the growing authoritarianism of America, has not only taken hold of politics but religion as well. As Smakintosh has talked about, the church system has become enablers for oppression and tyranny. The same enablers for tyranny have taken over in both politics and religion.  I got tired of being told to obey man. Right now the churches are preaching "Vote for Trump!". I left just in time. I could not tolerate this. All of my old IFB members are Trump supporters. 

The churches pushed patriarchy and Romans 13 became one of the most favorite verses of the pastors, in their mis-translation that people are to obey world authorities instead of heavenly authorities, they taught from pulpits absolute obedience to the system. I know in the IFB world I was always seen as a semi-rebel even if I shared in the Christian faith with my fellow church members.

 When they preached war from that church I left from the pulpit, I later had the thought, America seems to be a country now where everything is about smashing and "winning" and crushing opponents and blind obedience. Many seem to support tyranny now.  This is why Trump is a good guy to them worthy of support because Trump wins. He may crush opponents to do so, but he has gained their respect. Half the country wants a "strong man" to "make the trains" run on time and to crack down on the ghettos. No one talks about reforming anything. Everything is about punishment and "crushing enemies".

Too many are too deluded to figure out that what came for the inner cities years and years ago is coming for them, and the court system and justice system has already started their oppressions they reserved for miniority races for all who lack the means to pay their way out of the system. This is why an overtly racist man like Trump can "win". The left pissed off people with their endless nonsense about "privilege" to people seeing their economic fortunes sink and having this reality ignored, and then came in Trump. "Trump will save us!" What an absolute joke. I am not fooled.

I have noticed in my own life, how authoritarianism rules here, "Don't have the money, you deserve to be PUNISHED!" It's funny how so much in America is based in punishment now. Every country that doesn't obey us is to be blown up to smithereens, and every American citizen without a perfect slave score and who doesn't have a full bank account to pay endless fees and fines is to be crushed too. Apartments threaten people with eviction. You are told you will lose your license for one forgotten fine or bill. Fines are doubled and tripled so 15 dollars turns into 200 dollars. Pay late, and the bill gets added to. Economic oppression is just one avenue of a system going full blown into tyranny. Trump will make all of this worse.

The Democrat party in my opinion is part of the problem too. No one there is bothering to speak of more freedom or a better life for anyone. It's just more business and banker and mega-corporation status quo. Readers here know I have no lost love for the Republicans too.

The Republican Party Scares Me

It scares me that we have ended up with two such bad candidates, and Trump is the epitome of a country gone "wrong" where tyranny is growing and worship of sociopaths and "strong men" has increased. 

The Decline of American Society 1

The Decline of American Society 2


  1. It's interesting to see someone flip the script on too much freedom. When the communist bloc countries opened their borders and started to let people out I heard a lot of people came over and were overwhelmed to have so many choices.

    1. I heard about that too, they couldn't believe it. I have read some who have written articles recently saying America has gone/is going the same way as their totalitarian countries. Some of them have been sounding the warning cry.

  2. And the powers that be are doing it either right under our noses or disguising it so well it's impossible to see the transformation. If you have a PBS channel you can access I would they eschew the sound bite news that networks embrace. I just watched their analysis of where things might be going. They said the corrosive nature of this election is manifesting by separating us into haves and haves not's. Thats nothing new but it's really getting bad as far as shameless vote getting tactics. You have the richer people looking at the disenfranchised telling them to get a job and the poor folk seeing a bunch of fat cats sopping up gravy that is squeezed from the lives of the poor. Or something to that effect. I really don't see any clear winners ahead, I just see varying degrees of loss.

    1. I agree it's being done right under everyone's nose and very few are protesting. Sure they separating all sorts of groups but that is one category. I've never seen things get this bad too, so agree with you varying degrees of loss is what we have to look forward to.

  3. Hi Peep. Haven't talked to you in a while. (I stay on YouTube too much! lol) I've seen you and messaged you a couple times on Smakintosh's channel. I'm Reese Daniel on YouTube btw. Just wanted to comment here that I pretty much agree with you but I find Hillary Clinton to be equally disgusting with her posturing DISTANT COUSIN Donald Trump and his fake constipated scowl (both pretending to be an "angry conservative" and mocking true conservatives simulataneously. It's such a disgusting display of theatrics it boggles the mind that nobody (or very few) in America have figured out that Trump is a CLINTON PLANT. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." Spoken by former communist Vladimir Lenin. Although I feel (s)electing Hillary Clinton for president would be like granting Satan absolution and giving him the keys to heaven it’s also pretty shocking that people are actually walking around talking about how Donald Trump is going to “Save America”. What a joke. If you ever needed a sign that the country is lost, that’s gotta be it. FYI: Maryanne Trump Barry (born April 5, 1937) is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She is the daughter of real estate developer Fred Trump and Mary MacLeod Trump and the older sister of real estate/entertainment magnate Donald Trump… appointed by none other than… BILL CLINTON. Trump is so obviously a Clinton plant (not to mention a distant cousin of Hillary) and people just blissfully ignore the facts because he’s “telling it like it is.” In fact, he’s telling them what they want to hear at a time when people are desperate to hear any truth coming out of the American political-industrial complex while still carefully protecting their foundation lies like 9-11. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that if anyone ever had half a chance in Hell of changing anything in this country, rest assured The Powers That Shouldn’t Be would not let that person anywhere near the Oval Office. The last time this country had a president that tried to change things, that person got his brains blown out in front of the entire country. Knowing the email scandal wouldn’t go away, the Clinton camp needed a big distraction. So what did they do? They recruited a LONG TIME New York LIBERAL and GOOD FRIEND, .........and I do mean good friend, to pose as the opposition. Just look at the pictures online of Trump and the Clintons all cozied up at Donald's wedding in 2005 or all the pics of Donald and Bill playing golf together. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are bffs as well. 2 + 2 does NOT equal 5! Wake up people! You have been duped by your "leaders" once again. So I guess it’s also just a lark that Trump has changed parties five times since the 80s and donated over half a million to Democrats, including the likes of Rahm Emmanual and Harry Reid. This is all about having big friends in high places. Trump didn’t become a billionaire without making friends like that. That’s how the American oligarchy works. I guess if I was still enmeshed in American politics I'd be a Libertarian, they come closest to the truth in my opinion but still have too many flaws so I'll just do what I've done every year since 2008 and cast my vote for Jesus ; )

    1. Sorry I missed your messages Free Spirit, Ill check out your youtube ID and see if I can find those messages. Both candidates sicken me too. I believe the election is a farce and this false "reality TV" battle was arranged. I may go vote, but I am going to probably have NONE for president. Jill Stein pushes too many things I disagree with and had dinner with Trump's campaign manager and an RT dinner, and well the libertarian guy is for TPP, and the "fake free trade deals". Libertarians are good on civil liberties, but ayn rand was no Christian and taught the edicts of selfishness and banker worship that has gotten out of control on the right. Green party while they are good economically, and I may toss in a few third party people on local elections push the Agenda 21 stuff a bit too heavily. Constitution party want people like Jim Bob Duggar in charge. For education posts in the state I try to pick whoevers against Common Core.

      So I agree with you Trump could very well be a CLINTON PLANT. He tells the plebes some of what they want to hear. {Ill put you in jail, and his references to anti-globalism, I on paper support but I know he never would carry out. Those who made him a billionaire would make sure of that.


    2. I posted pictures here and on FB of the Trumps and Clintons schmoozing together. Chelsea is even friends with one of the Trump daughters. I think too, they'd never let anyone in that question the system or they'd "deal with them". The ones who buck the system don't last too long. Soros got the voting machines in the bag. I will be shocked if Trump is chosen [and part of me wonders if they planned to put him in for BRICS and an American Brexit] but even then he'd still be an owned asset and the false promises would be just that. He would bring in a tax code, to strengthen the Reaganomics and push even more people into poverty. Trump has changed parties so many times I lost track. He's a good reality TV actor though isn't he? I find myself wondering why don't people remember Trump from the "greed is good" days. He was seen as a clown then. I must be an old lady with a long memory. The evangelicals rallying for him, I think don't you people remember anything and who that guy was even then?

      During the debates I thought, this is all acting. We just have the business as usual types as the country goes down the chute.

      This election has been one scary mess....

  4. In line with what Free Spirit said. It was Abe Lincoln who first publicly (I think) used the phrase keep you friends close and your enemies closer.

  5. ITS A KNOWN FACT, I even saw them do it,both candidates, after or before the partys choose them, both candidates go to the "big corporations-who-rule-all" and get approved by it/them.Yes, they have to get approved by the BIG-THING-THAT-ACTUALLY-RULES!!" those 2 candidates are only figureheads, they cant change anything!!THEY ARE NOT THE REAL RULERS!!PROBABLY, BIG-CORP., AND BIG-CRIME BOTH RULE---if you can tell them apart.

    The Republican party is either dumb,or still going by"sign a petition to change things-BS" and anyone who thinks that, is deluding themselves.its not a democracy. its not even close--we're being crushed by taxes, dictators do that.DICTATORSHIP is the most common govt. in the world.--it always has been.And people have still not changed from the bunch of cows they are.

    1. Its true too many of our candidates are chosen by mega corps and big crime. They are figureheads for the real people who run this place. Many believe there will be no difference. It bugs me Trump doesn't want to stop the Middle eastern wars or Hillary either. I do not think this country is "free" or a "democracy", it used to be far freer, but those days came to a close with NDAA. It is true most governments go totalitarian or dictatorship. Even our checks and balances seemed to have failed us when it comes to both of them.

  6. I really don't think Trump is a Clinton-plant.None of the regular, gutless republican politicians got the publics' ok.---which is why Trump rose up---everyone hates the fed. govt., and the way the USA is being run.Trump is the"I;m mad,and i'm not going to take it any more!!!CHANGE IT!!!--CANDIDATE"TRUMP has everyone who WANTS BIG CHANGE IN THE USA,FED. GOVT., & IRS.

    You have no idea, how much national anger there is!!the media refuses to report it.--but I hear it, all over the USA, from almost every state and its people.Even in Oregon, its all workers talk about, every place I go,or talk to people.White people have a high-ratio of anger, before they ever boil over.But, they talk about it to each other.--By the time they boil over, things get pretty bad.However, when they DO BOIL OVER, they are much much worse than a Latino banana-republic.They use logic,and "common-sense" while they're angry, to a much more destructive finish.They almost never cool down.(unlike the South American, who runs out of steam.)--And they may do things the South American wouldn't think of.

    White people have a COLD-ANGER which they can cover,and nurse,a long time.I kinda fear the boil-over-in-anger of the Angry Americans.They'll pull stuff like the Oklahoma bombers.--and not stop.You should take those "Angry-Trump-voters" seriously.Once they boil over in rage, they can be pretty scary.

    1. I think he is a Clinton plant but it is hard to know what is really going on. I have found myself confused by a lot during this election and now the very week before election they are pulling some stuff exposing Hillary for emails. I wonder even if they are planning a Trump win. My worry is people will want change so bad, they'll take anything. I think people do have reason to be angry. People's economic futures have SUNK, the jobs have become a joke, also things like 20 year old parking tickets and even worse injustices, has people wore out and angry. I have heard that when whites boil over things go bad fast worse then Latin Republic. Some conspiracy websites are saying we could have a civil war over this election if the results are contested. I think Hillary is hated so much, half the country may be on fire if the "results are too close" I told my husband we need to stay home on Nov 8th and Nov. 9th. Even if Trump wins and it's contested there may be anger out there. I do understand why Trump voters are angry. Remember I'm against globalism too, just wish I could trust Trump, I guess that's where I'm at. I can't vote Republican because Republican party is putting my household under severe stress. They aren't too friendly to the poor. I don't even who I will vote for locally, this has been a very hard election.

      Given the latest revelation, I do wonder if they plan to put Trump in. I'm trying to call it but this is not a prediction, just speculation. They want BRICs and rewriting of the economy, Hillary is business as usual. They left England leave the EU, they may be revamping this place too.

      One reason I think HIllary will lose, is OBAMACARE. People can't afford it. SOme of the poorest get off via exemptions but working class? Middle class? They are pissed. The bills are going up 50 percent. People want that stuff gone and forced insurance. Some people are being charged 600-1000 bucks.