Thursday, September 22, 2016

Amy Slayton Youtube

How did a video of a fat woman eating Dairy Queen get over 14,000 views?

I discovered this weird Youtube channel, don't even know where or how I found it but it's these two fat sisters who seem to be trying to promote every bad stereotype about fat people in the world. The sister Tammy Slayton who is ill enough to be put in the nursing home looks like she has some kind of serious genetic or other disorder.

They eat bad food right on camera, and even hold junk food eating contests. I am disturbed. It doesn't help my life when bad stereotypes about fat people are promoted like this. I am realistic enough to know that there are fat people with eating disorders. One can see the bad physical effects of modern American food that even go beyond weight.


  1. I just don't understand why people enjoy watching other people eat! It's kind of sick. Well, I'll admit that I love to watch little kids eat...they're so cute the way they eat!
    But as for adults, I just don't get it...just let them eat in peace!

    1. I think it's sick too. I have some Aspie gross-out factors that bother me seeing people eat. So I don't like to watch. I don't get the attraction. Sure cooking shows with decent food, can be nice, but watching someone scarf it down, it's gross.