Thursday, September 8, 2016

Come Befriend Me on Facebook!

At a group meeting as he looks around the table:

"Come and befriend me on Facebook!"

He's looking at me too, and I say, "Sure, I will, give me your link"

He says "Sure here you go"

I go to befriend him, and he does not befriend me and closes me out, cutting off the message function and my ability to friend him.

What did I do? I don't know. I even defended the guy once to others. 

He has 4000 friends. Can anyone really have 4,000 friends? How'd I flunk the low bar test?


  1. He sounds like a Casanova Don Juan two-faced man. I'm sorry you have been duped and burned by a man who invited you to send him a friend request. Maybe he has acid in his brain He was probably high on drugs when he invited you and others to send him a friend request. Man, he was so rude not to respond to your PM. I hate it when people don't remind to our PMs or emails, especially since we did not ruin their lives or hurt them the way our malignant narcs hate us.

    I hope you will get 4,000 friend someday. My aspie friend has 1,000 friends in his friend list. I met him in person so I know he is an aspie, not a narc who pretends to be an aspie.

    1. I felt like I got the two-faced dupe. Maybe he only wanted others to befriend him. Sometimes that happens to me, like I am invisible in groups, but he looked at me too and gave me his information. I think it was totally rude. I plan to confront him and say, Look don't waste my time next time. I am glad your Aspie friend has so many friends. Some Aspies if they find a niche can prosper, it sounds like he has.

  2. Consider the source. My beloved grandmother used to tell me "he who has a friend has not a one to spare. He who has an enemy will find him everywhere"

  3. I think I misquoted my grandmother. What she said was he who has a "1000" friends has not a one to spare he who has an enemy will find him everywhere" Makes more sense that way.

    1. That makes more sense.

      I can't even imagine 1,000 friends. I couldn't remember all their names. I guess for some quantity counts. Yeah the enemies seem to pop up like bad pennies. Never seem to move away etc. LOL