Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Price of Insulin is Rising

Insulin Price Spike Leaves Diabetes Patients in Crisis

Insulin costs so much, it's not funny. If I wasn't insured, forget it, I never could afford it. I see this happening with a variety of medicines, they are taking advantage of captive audiences. Just like the epi-pen crisis where they increased the price by a great amount the same is happening to insulin. I know diabetics who went without diabetes pill for years because they could not afford it. Something is really wrong with this country and it's getting worse.

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  1. I was appalled when I heard this news. Government stopped helping needy people because of Republicans. They have been filibustering and playing games on Democrats and moderate Republicans. Please read Lisa McGirr's "Suburban Warriors" book. It will tell you where these Republicans stands and why. They don't hold Christian values.

    Same things are happening with public housing and section 8 voucher programs. Now, the government is allowing "RAD Demonstration" program to replace public housing. It is actually the privatization of housing authorities and government's programs for poor people to make it market rate apartments. >:(

    The plan to increase the cost of insulin and epi-pen is a way to kill those who have diabetes and who are allergic to nuts. I hope God will do something to these people soon.