Thursday, September 8, 2016

Christina Corrigan WAS Betrayed.

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Fat Logic, the home of the brain-dead CICO believers, keep screaming "Eat Less/Move More" even when it comes to Christina Corrigan. In their stunted world, there's no such thing as rare diseases that can make people fat. I have seen even the "reality" of Lipedema and Cushings argued over at that place because they are so invested in their world view of shaming and blaming fat people. The idea of any disease swelling up the body, is anathema to a bunch of brainwashed fat bigots. 

I find it funny how they hide all the links to my blog, which I don't seen done when it comes to other things they discuss on there. There is definitely a reason for it.

What is funny, some do admit, I could be right about her having Prader Willi. I also wrote she could have hypothalamic obesity or another disorder.  They ignored that part which doesn't surprise me. So the poster rants and raves about my "ridiculous" comments and then half the commenters admit I could have been right.

Since I wrote that article some years ago, some of my views have changed. I believe the girl should have been hospitalized upon the first 100 to 150lbs. Why wasn't she? Anorexics are. Then the hospital could have figured out what was wrong, and how to deal with it. If the mother was over-feeding her, yes put a stop to it!

I still stand by my belief, that she had something physically wrong that remained undiagnosed and the professionals surrounding this girl absolutely betrayed her. 

Christina Corrigan died in 1997. That was almost the year where I hit my peak weight. It's been almost 20 years, and nothing since has changed. It's the same lies. They can call me crazy all they want but they got nothing!

The Betrayal of Christina Corrigan


  1. I'm sorry to hear that people in "Fat Acceptance" groups betrayed her in name of becoming thin through diet and exercises. At that time, many doctors were still ignorant about lipedema and other diseases that made people fat. Yes, there are those who want to deny that a certain disease make people fat, and no diet, exercise, willpower training and surgery could make them thin forever. :(

    1. I feel they betrayed her too, giving her the fat is great line. Marilyn Wann denied the health angle on fat or certain diseases making someone very obese too. And only added to the ire, the two sides of the false obesity coin I've discussed on this blog. I agree more doctors were ignorant then but hopefully there's been a few small changes. Those fat logic people make me sick but sadly they are the norm now, where fat people are told over and over, diet and exercise will fix everything. That girl was definitely beyond that. They do nothing but judge. I almost died because of people just like them, and most people who hit 700lbs do die, they don't get 20 more years. I know I am an outliner from that even alone without my medical diagnoses. They can keep calling me crazy, maybe a few of those idiots will wake up when it's 60-70 percent of the population that is fat instead of 40-50.