Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fat Man in England Films Discrimination on Public Transportation

He barely registers as fat in the USA. Big cities are worse for the fat and don't get me started on public transportation in big cities. Here I take the Dial A Ride, I am left alone and no one bothers me, the drivers help me with my walker. I told a friend, I would never live in a big city again, I'd get eaten alive but I experienced in Chicago what this guy did on the bus. When people are crowded and angry, they often can take it out on the fat person. It seems he was more uncomfortable with the tight seating and crowds rather then being insulted to his face, but I could not hear everything said in the video. England seems a far more fat phobic place. Is it because fat people are rarer? It seems their numbers though are increasing too. Life in smaller towns is more comfortable for fat people, well I am judging this by my own experience.

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