Friday, April 17, 2015

Britt McHenry Tells off Tow Truck Company Employee

ESPN employee Brit McHenry tells off a tow truck employee. Language warning with this one. Let me be frank, I don't love all tow companies. The ones in the big city can be crooks and did tow my car twice when it was legally parked. I remember steam coming out of my ears to see my legally parked car "stolen" and then having to track it down after two hours to one of those places. I think those are places anyone is most likely to lose their temper.

 So Britt McHenry was probably angry in trying to track down her car, but it was stupid to take it out on the employee. Her classist, elitist and fat-hating comments bothered me.  I don't agree with people losing jobs over things they do outside of work but since she is in the public eye they chose to suspend her for a week. The elitism and entitlement here is extreme as Britt McHenry, insults the employee for having a "low-class" job. She puts her down for not going to college or dropping out, but who knows our towing company attendant could have a doctorate degree for all we know, given the state of the economy.

"Do you feel good about your job?" she asks her. Some people have to work jobs they hate to eat! Britt reminds me of "mean girls" in high school, always skinny, and assured of their own superiority. Was she hired first for her brain or her looks? She gets the classist skewer out with the rude comment about teeth. Sadly teeth can be a class marker, in that the poor can't afford dental care. Then there is the comment about "trailer-trash" and of course the ever present slam-dunk of weight hatred, "Lose some weight baby girl!"

I don't know if Britt is a narcissist or not, but she sure was acting during that the moment there. America is becoming one hard cold place as people trash others over their level in society and jobs they hold. One thing I hated is how people who did honest labor but had menial jobs started to be trashed.  Britt McHenry later apologized and some asked, "What was the employee saying?"


  1. If she feels remorse at all it's about being caught and exposed in a manner other than how she chooses to "expose" herself. Despite being told the surveillance camera is recording her she continues to berate the employee apparently believing being part of the "media" is her Get Out of Impound Free Card.
    I wish the most stressful event of my day was having my vehicle towed! I shudder to think of the puddle (or the screaming bitch) she'd be after spending an hr. or two in my or your daily life....
    Somehow I can't help but think of she were a he, he'd have been fired immediately for speaking to the employee in that manner-betcha!

    1. When she looked at the camera and knew she was caught already it seemed to me she pulled out all stops. One thing with these events they can even be planned PR things but I think she thought, "in for a penny, in for a pound" and maybe even calculated going on a tear at that very moment. She would go completely ape in my life. I agree if she was a male, she'd already be out the door. I was in a restaurant today, and the person in front was taking 20 minutes to order. We were hot and did not want to wait, we left instead of yelling and just went somewhere else. She could have just gotten her car out and then filed a case quietly in small claims if they injustly towed her car.

  2. She reminds me of my ex wife. My ex would take other peoples tables at restaurants if they called a party with the same number people as ours and I wondered what she would do if she ever got called on it. When she finally did she went off about like that reporter.

    1. Wow she would just pretend to be someone else's name. Yeah that takes guts, bet then people would call her on it, and then they spazz out to frighten people. That was pretty lousy of your ex-wife.