Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lipedema Sister Laura Deese Reaches Out

I hope and am praying she can get the help she needs. Lipedema and Lymphedema are among the most neglected disorders and the years without any treatment means the progressive disorders worsen including totally taking someone's mobility away. I did try to get some information about visiting home doctors to her, I know of national company that covers many regions. My housecall doctors drive from an office that is nearly an hour away. Hopefully someone will help with widening her door for her wheelchair.


  1. Hi Peep. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with Mr. Peep and those who you count as friends.

    I'm sorry you're having so many confusing and frightening symptoms lately. Your daily care regime is incredibly demanding with your reward sometimes only to feel slightly better; the consequences of less diligence obviously catastrophic. I don't know how many people could be as strong and still reach out to others to offer a kind heart. I hope you can get some sense made of your current out-of-whack blood sugar readings and take back some control there. -- Lora

  2. Hi Lora, we did have a good weekend, we went to church and the day before I went to our nature center and plan to post bird pictures here again. My symptoms do get confusing and the daily care regime gets out there, with the wrapping, meds, nebulizing, cooking good foods etc. Yes if I let things slide, it would be really bad. That would mean going into the hospital even when the blood sugars jacked up, I did not eat anything bad or anything like that. I hope I can make sense of things too. I did get them back to the 180s with a bunch of salad eating and high nutrition and sleeping more. Thanks :)